Avitag™-biotinylated Gaussia luciferase 2x

  • Supplier: Athena ES
  • Storage Conditions: 1 month at 4°C or 2 years at - 80°C

Product Description

  • A luminescent protein with quantum yields higher than the luciferases from Renilla sp. and firefly
  • It is ATP-independent, requiring only coelenterazine and O2 as substrates. Gaussia's high quantum yields make it particularly useful in immunoassays
  • supplied pre-biotinylated for direct use in streptavidin/avidin based immunoassays


Product Options

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AES03081 Avitag™ Biotinylated Gaussia luciferase 1 mg --

AES03082 Avitag™ Biotinylated Gaussia luciferase 250 µg --