Dual Purpose Lab Scoop

Product Description

  • Made from anti-static polystyrene that is waterproof and reduces the chance of materials sticking to the scoop
  • Ships and stores flat and when ready to use, is easy to assemble by inserting the locking tab into the hole
  • Locking tab feature enables a scoop shape to help retain materials
  • Broad tip design keeps the scoop stable while on the scale and enables materials to be easily scooped and dispensed
  • Scoop can be used flat as an alternative to weighing paper

Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD) Order / Quote
HS120656 Dual Purpose Scoops, Large, white 100 --

HS120657 Dual Purpose Scoops, Small, white 100 --

HS120679 Dual Purpose Scoops, Large, black, Sterile 100 --

HS120680 Dual Purpose Scoops, Small, black, Sterile 100 --