Celero™ DNA-Seq

Product Description

  • Celero™ DNA-Seq is an innovative library system designed to help researchers streamline library preparation for Illumina sequencers. Celero™ features a fast, easy-to-use, addition-only workflow that eliminates post-ligation bead purification. Also included is NuGEN's breakthrough quantitation method, NuQuant™, that saves both time and cost in measuring library concentration for pooling. With the proven DimerFree technology you can use from 10 ng to 1 μg of intact DNA and greater than 200 ng of FFPE DNA with a single kit without the worry of GC bias.
  • Faster library prep with reduced hands-on time: No adaptor or template dilution and no post- ligation purification
  • One kit, two workflows: PCR and PCR-free can be performed with the same kit, providing flexibility and reducing the number of kits that need to be purchased and stored
  • Simplified library pooling: NuQuant provides molarity without the need for costly and time-consuming methods
  • Unique Dual Indexes (UDI) are the state-of-the-art for the detection of index hopping, a sequencing phenomenon that can lead to mis-assignment of reads to the incorrect sample.


Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD) Order / Quote
NU036008 Celero DNA-Seq 8 Reactions $404.00

NU036024 Celero DNA-Seq 24 Reactions $1,017.00

NU0360A96 Celero DNA-Seq Barcode Set A 96 Reactions $3,900.00

NU0360AUDI Celero DNA-Seq Barcode Set A + Dual Unique Index 96 Reactions --

NU0360B96 Celero DNA-Seq Barcode Set B 96 Reactions --

NU0360BUDI Celero DNA-Seq Barcode Set B + Dual Unique Index 96 Reactions --