Sequence Biotech – Precision Plus Series Pipettor


Innovative, Easy-to-use, Advanced Benchtop Pipettor

The Precision Series Pipettor Plus is a universal 96 channel pipettor allowing you to use your preferred tip.
Their pipet header works with any size, style, and brand.

  • For use with universal tips
  • 300µL volume capacity
  • Enhanced motor control for acceleration and deceleration
  • Six pipetting speeds and custom speed control settings
  • Ergonomic, large, comfortable handle grip
  • Improved programmability by adding extra commands and 4x memory
  • Compact, will easily fit into a fume hood
  • Lightweight, only 22 pounds
  • Two year warranty
  • LED Lighting – dimmable directly over pipette tips

Special introductory pricing until September 30th, 2020!

PLUS – receive your choice of two boxes of racked pipette tips
and two refills when you order your pipettor configured for
USA Scientific pipette tips.
  Click here to see the tips.

NEW Video: 25µL Plus Unit Dispensing into a 384-well Plate Using the Optional EZ Tray Accessory
NEW Video: Sequence BioTech Precision Plus Series Pipettor vs. Electronic Hand Held Pipettor

Dispensing DMSO
Product Overview - Animation
Sequence BioTech - PLUS - Aspirate-Multiple Dispense
Sequence BioTech - PLUS 96 Channel Pipettor - Easy Motion
Sequence BioTech - PLUS, EZ Tip Loading and Eject

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The Original Precision Series Pipettor
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