Athena ES

ACES™ Signal Sequence Kit

  • Supplier: Athena ES
  • Storage Conditions: 25°C/-80°C

Product Description

  • Provides a set of six expression vectors each with a different signal sequence for protein export to the periplasmic space of E. coli using either the SEC, SRP or TAT protein secretion pathway
  • Since the use of a post-translational or co-translational export mechanism is protein-specific and cannot be known a priori, this kit allows for the selection of the translocation pathway best suited for a given recombinant protein


Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
AES1482 ACES™ Signal Sequence Kit Kit -- Add to Cart
AES14930 ACES™ pAES30 10 ug -- Add to Cart
AES14931 ACES™ pAES31 10 ug -- Add to Cart
AES14932 ACES™ pAES32 10 ug -- Add to Cart
AES14933 ACES™ pAES33 10 ug -- Add to Cart
AES14934 ACES™ pAES34 10 ug -- Add to Cart
AES14935 ACES™ pAES35 10 ug -- Add to Cart

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