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IFN-alpha, Mouse, Recombinant (CHO derived)

Product Description

  • This highly active interferon is constitutively produced by Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells which have been transfected with the hybrid interferon gene alpha 14-16 (alpha1 AA 1-22 and alpha 2 AA 23-166). The hybrid alpha 1, alpha 4 gene product differs 6 amino acids from alpha 4 (AA 5, 7, 10, 17, 19 and 20). The AA 10, 17, 19 and 20 influence the antiviral response. Biological activity has been demonstrated in mouse as well as in hamster and rat systems. The natural alpha 4 interferon exhibits antiviral activity in mouse cells which is approximately six times higher than that exhibited by natural alpha 1 interferon. The activity of the recombinant product is increased to a level which is approximately 100 times that of natural alpha 1 interferon and 15 times that of natural alpha 4 interferon. The situation is somewhat different in hamster cells. Here, the natural alpha 1 interferon is about 100 times more active than the natural alpha 4 interferon. The recombinant product is as active as the alpha 1 interferon. The above mentioned features are most probably due to the fact that at least two different receptors exist for alpha interferons in these systems. One receptor appears to be specific for the amino acids 10-20 whereas the other is specific for the amino acids 55-67. The recombinant product exposes or accesses both sites better, or at least as well as the parent proteins. In addition to the interferon alpha proteins' ability to protect cells against viral infection, they can also inhibit cell growth and possess immunomodulatory activities. These effects are mediated through binding to a specific cell surface receptor. Most of the interferon alpha species are not glycosylated and are further characterized by their acid stability at pH 2. One unit of mouse alpha interferon is the amount of alpha interferon which protects 50% of the indicator cell population from viral destruction. One unit of Hycult Biotech Mouse Alpha Interferon approximates the bioactivity contained in one unit of the mouse alpha interferon standard prepared by NIH (Ga02-901-511).


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