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E-FABP, Mouse, Recombinant (E-Coli-derived)

Product Description

  • FABPs are small intracellular proteins (~ 13-14 kDa) with a high affinity for small lipophilic ligands and were named according to the tissue from which they were initially isolated (FAPB5, alias E-FABP, was originally isolated in the epidermal). FABPs are involved in the uptake and metabolism of fatty acids, in the maintenance of cellular membrane fatty acid levels, in intracellular trafficking of these substrates, in the modulation of specific enzymes of lipid metabolic pathways, and in the modulation of cell growth and differentiation. Members of the FABP family have a highly conserved sequence, 22-73% amino acid sequence similarity._x000D_
  • FABP5 is one of the at least nine distinct types of FABP. FABP5 is expressed in skin, brain, lens, capillary, endothelium and retina. Elevated levels of FABP5 have been seen in prostate and bladder carcinoma._x000D_
  • Recombinant mouse FABP5 is His-tagged and has the following amino acid sequence:_x000D_
  • QWDGKESTITRKLKDGKMIVECVMNNATCTRVYEKVQ (His-tag is underlined, bold sequence is Mouse FABP5).


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