cfKapture™ 21 Kit

Product Description

  • Allows plasma sample storage at room temperature for 21 days before processing
  • Not necessary to rush plasma purification. Large volume users can separate plasma and process samples without plasma sample degradation.
  • Efficient cfDNA isolation – No carrier RNA
  • Can be used with any blood collection tube (Streck BCT, PAXGene cfDNA tubes, EDTA). For best results, use in conjunction with Blood STASIS™ 21-ccfDNA tubes.


Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
MGCFKD502ML cfKapture™ 21 Kit (1-2 mL) 5 x 50 Preps -- Add to Cart
MGCFKD50400UL cfKapture™ 21 Kit (200-400µL) 5 x 50 Preps
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MGCFKD505ML cfKapture™ 21 Kit (3-5 mL) 5 x 50 Preps -- Add to Cart

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