MagBio CTL™ (Collect - Transport - Lyse)

Product Description

  • The MagBio CTL™ Medium is a proprietary buffer that allows SARS-CoV2 and other pathogen samples to be collected, lysed (inactivated) and transported at room temperature ensuring stability of the DNA & RNA.
  • Significantly shortens sample preparation time in pathogen testing & detection workflows
  • Cost savings - Extraction & extraction accessories not required
  • Preserves and maintians the integrity of nucleic acids (DNA & RNA) for up to 10 days at room tempreature
  • Compatible with various extraction or purification workflows
  • Samples will be lysed during transport - No need for extraction / lysis.
  • Allows samples to be batched which can inturn improve the processing efficiency

Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
MGMCTLM16000 MagBio CTL™ Medium, 4 x 4000mL Bottles 16000ML -- Add to Cart
MGMCTLM4000 MagBio CTL™ Medium, 4 x 1000mL Bottles 4000ML -- Add to Cart
MGMCTLT10000 MagBio CTL™ Tubes, 10,000 x 5mL CryoTubes with 1.2mL CTL Medium in each 10000 -- Add to Cart
MGMCTLT2500 MagBio CTL™ Tubes, 2500 x 5mL CryoTubes with 1.2mL CTL Medium in each 2500 -- Add to Cart
MGMCTLM50 MagBio CTL Medium, 50mL Bottle 50ML -- Add to Cart
MGMCTLT10 MagBio CTL Tubes, 10 x 5mL CryoTubes with 1.2mL CTL Medium in each PK10 -- Add to Cart

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