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  • NEUROBIOTIN 488 Tracer, 2 mg, is a tri-functional molecule designed for neuronal tracing and cell filling. Features: Bright green fluorophore, similar in fluorescence to fluorescein, Cy2, or Alexa Fluor 488; Biotin label with a biotinidase-resistant linkage; Fixable primary amine. NEUROBIOTIN 488 Tracer is transported along axons and fine projections and is compatible with patch clamp applications and pressure injection methods. NEUROBIOTIN 488 Tracer is readily fixed with standard aldehyde-based fixatives. This tracer can be viewed directly under fluorescence microscopy. The tracer can be detected and amplified via the biotin moiety with fluorescent or enzyme-based avidin or streptavidin detection systems.


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VECTSP1125 NEUROBIOTIN® 489 Tracer, 2 mg 2MG
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