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  • NEUROBIOTIN 350 Tracer, 2 mg, is a tri-functional molecule designed for neuronal tracing and cell filling that contains: a biotin label with a biotinidase-resistant linker; a bright fluorophore, similar in fluorescence to AMCA or Alexa Fluor 350; a fixable primary amino group. Similar in structure to NEUROBIOTIN 488, NEUROBIOTIN 350 is also an amine containing biotin derivative. However, it is conjugated with a bright blue fluorophore that would contrast with other green or red fluorescent markers or reagents present in the same preparation. For administration purposes, NEUROBIOTIN 350 has a net positive charge and is highly soluble in a number of commonly used buffer and salt solutions.


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VECTSP1155 NEUROBIOTIN® 351 Tracer, 2 mg 2 mg
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