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MJSBioLynx Inc. is a Canadian supplier of quality life science research products.

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MJS BioLynx Brochure 2019

We are very excited to present to you our latest mini “cat”alogue!

Within these pages we have highlighted some of the best products for Life Science Research.

We hope you find this brochure to be a valuable resource. 

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Platypus Technologies – 20% OFF Oris™ and Oris™ Pro Cell Migration Assays from Aug-Oct!

Cell Migration Assays use exclusion-zone technology to ensure you obtain high-quality results for studies in drug discovery, wound healing, or cancer research.

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New Supplier - abc biopply

The 3D CoSeedis™ Cell Co-Culture System is scaffold-free and allows the formation of spheroidal and non-spheroidal cell aggregates in a highly-reproducible and consistent manner.

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MJS BioLynx 2020 Calendar

Available early Fall 2019!

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Mirus Bio - FREE Transfection Samples

Try Mirus TransIT® Transfection Reagents for high efficiency, low toxicity delivery of DNA and RNA into a wide variety of cells.

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