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NEW Supplier!

We are excited to announce we are now the Canadian Distributor for Cell Guidance Systems!
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Cell Guidance Systems’ reagents and services enable control, manipulation and monitoring of the cell, both in vitro and in vivo. This includes growth factors, exosomes, matrix proteins, cell culture media, cytogenetics analysis and more.

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Vector® Laboratories – Purchase 1 Product and Get 50% OFF a Second Product You’ve Never Tried Before

Are there more Vector products you would like to try?

Each time you purchase a Vector product between now and the end of November 2021, you can add a Vector product you have never tried before to receive a 50% discount on that product.

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Vector® Laboratories – VectaMount® Express Mounting Medium

Just stain, wash, and mount!

VectaMount Express "Faster IHC Clearing and Mounting" Save Time! Save Money!Introducing VectaMount® Express Mounting Medium, a non-aqueous clearing and mounting medium for immunohistochemistry (IHC). Stop wasting time with tedious ethanol dehydration series and xylene clearing prior to cover slipping. Just stain, wash, and mount!

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Crystal Technology & Industries, Inc. – Cryovials and Tube Revolvers

Leak-proof Cryovials
for Biological Sample Storage
Tube Revolvers with
Interchangeable Rotisseries

Crystal Cryovial
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Tube Revolver

Tube Revolver with Fixed Speed
Tube Revolver with Variable Speed
and Digital Display

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Alternative Sealing Products
for Microplates

MicronPlus sealing products for microplates overcome many drawbacks of commercially available sealing films and mats by providing adhesive-free areas that are not in contact with the well contents. MicronPlus products can be custom designed to fit your application.

FREE Samples Available!

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