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Let It Snow!

"The most beautiful moment of my life in nature!" – Jean-Simon Bégin
Painter and professional, multiple-award winning photographer
located in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

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Website:  www.jeansimonbegin.com  |  Facebook:  www.facebook/jeansimonbeginphotography

Dear Researcher,

We are pleased to present the e-Lynx, a newsletter devoted to keeping our customers up-to-date on new technologies,
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MJSBioLynx – Our 25th December!

Lynx Sock of the Month!

This month in celebration of our 25th December, our sock of the month is:
"Santa Luchs" by Mojoso

If you would like to enter our draw for your chance to win 1 of 10
available pairs simply submit your answer to this month’s question:

What is your favourite Holiday Tradition?

Please email your answer with your mailing address to tech@biolynx.ca for your chance to win.




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MJSBioLynx Well Being

Is There a Santa Claus?

A young girl named Virginia sent this question to the editors of The Sun in 1897, and the newspaper published a beautiful response...

Yes, Virginia ...

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Cell Guidance Systems

LipoQ – Simple, Rapid Detection of Lipids

Cell Guidance Systems have developed LipoQ which enables simple, rapid detection of lipids in a variety of formats.

Based on the sulfo-phospo-vanillin method, LipoQ measures the lipid content of a wide variety of sample formats. Unsaturated fatty acids within a sample will react with phospho-vanillin to form a pink colored solution. The intensity of the pink colour formed is determined by the total lipid concentration within the sample, enabling a reliable colorimetric assay that can be read using a plate reader. 

Each kit provides sufficient reagents to perform 100 tests, including standards.

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Instant Exosomes

Cell Guidance Systems is now offering a range of high-quality and well-characterized freeze-dried exosome samples from human cancer cell lines for research applications. The freeze dried exosomes are isolated using Exo-spin™ kits following a combination of precipitation and size exclusion chromatography (SEC). 

Each batch of freeze-dried exosomes is quality tested and guaranteed to be of the highest standard.

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GlycoSelect – Highly Recombinant Prokaryotic Lectins

Highly Specific Recombinant Prokaryotic Lectins from GlycoSeLect has developed a range of RPL products exhibiting specificity and high affinity for a range of glycan epitopes displaying terminal galactose and mannose (including high mannose structures).

All RPL products display a poly-histidine tag enabling simple detection using standard
conjugated anti-his detection antibodies negating a requirement for in vitro labeling (e.g. biotinylation).

Products are available in a range of pack sizes and can be supplied in large quantities (grams) if required.

  RPL-Gal   RPL-Gal4   RPL-Sia2
  RPL-Gal1   RPL-Man   RPL-Sia3
  RPL-Gal2   RPL-Man2   RPL-Fuc1
  RPL-Gal3   RPL-Sia1  

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MJSBioLynx – Here is our Breathe & Learn Recording:  ChIP vs. CUT&RUN
A Discussion with Andrea Johnstone, Ph.D., Senior Director of Product Development at EpiCypher.

Ultra-sensitive epigenomics: Moving beyond ChIP-seq to CUT&RUN and CUT&Tag







Click here for the recording.  (YouTube)

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Lynx Pod – In Case You Missed It ... We Have Launched Our First Podcast!

A podcast designed to celebrate our Canadian Life Scientists and give a voice to their fabulous research, as well as an outlet to express their "What If...". 

Our 1st podcast features:
Master's Student Tyler Gurberg from the Montreal Neurological Institute

Proteins Involved in the Pathogenesis of ALS

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Hamilton Storage – LabElite Webinar: Increase Productivity in Your Lab!

Join Hamilton Storage as they explore how integrating automated capping and decapping solutions can optimize laboratory workflows. Experience the speed and versatility that automation provides first hand as they host a live, interactive demonstration of their own LabElite line of benchtop solutions.

Target audience: Laboratory technicians and managers who are not familiar with automated sample processing solutions.

Duration: 45 minutes

December 15th
11:00 AM (EST)







Please note: Registration requires company/organization issued email address.
Personal email addresses such as gmail, hotmail, aol, etc. will not be accepted. 
You must register at least 2 hours before the start of the webinar to ensure your registration is accepted.

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Partnering to Improve Prostate Cancer Detection –
GlycoNet Start-up GlyCa Biosciences Inc. and
Huron Innovation Inc. Launch Clinical Trial of New Blood Test

This partnership will launch the clinical trial of a new blood test to perfect early detection and diagnosis of clinically significant prostate cancer.

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MJS BioLynx – Christmas Promotion!

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FuGENE – FuGENE® 4K Transfection Reagent - See The Unseen!

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EpiCypher – New CUT&RUN Bundle Kit Promotion!

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Micronic – Rack and Tube Reader Deals!

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Manchester BIOGEL Information Brochure

Find the PeptiGel that's right for you!

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Chromatographic Specialties Inc. – 2022 Instrumentation Brochure

Our sister company has released a new Instrumentation Brochure!  Check out all we have to offer to support your research in:
• HPLC  • GC  • GC and HPLC Detectors and Software
• Autosamplers  • Sample Preparation  • ...and more!

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TubeWriter – Whitepaper:  Simple and Flexible Automation for Biotech Companies

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From all of us at MJSBioLynx...
We Wish You a Very Happy Holiday Season!

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