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MJSBioLynx Well Being

Words of Wisdom

MJS BioLynx Well Being LogoDearest Friends,
This month we would like to share with you a reminder of the words of wisdom that have often been attributed to Saint Francis of Assisi.  A prayer that may resonate with you regardless of who wrote it, or your faith or lack thereof.

Words of Love last for an eternity.

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The MJSBioLynx Team

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Vector® Laboratories – VectaMount® Express Mounting Medium: Just stain, wash, and mount!

Vector Laboratories logoIntroducing VectaMount® Express Mounting Medium, a non-aqueous clearing and mounting medium for immunohistochemistry (IHC). Stop wasting time with tedious ethanol dehydration series and xylene clearing prior to cover slipping. Just stain, wash, and mount!

VectaMount Express "Faster IHC Clearing and Mounting" Save Time! Save Money!

  • Eliminates the need for extensive ethanol washes and solvent-based clearing agents (e.g. xylene)
  • Preserves staining for at least 18 months at room temperature
  • Refractive index of 1.49

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Cell Guidance Systems – PODS®: Sustained-Release Growth Factors

Cell Guidance Systems Logo

PODS® technology addresses the limitations of conventional growth factors by placing them in a protective protein crystal lattice. This lattice stabilizes cargo proteins and maintains bioavailability at steady-state levels. In the presence of proteases secreted by cells, pores develop in the lattice which allows the cargo growth factor to slowly escape. PODS® nanocrystals have a wide range of applications either in-vitro (2D or 3D culture) or in-vivo.

PODS® Sustained Release Growth Factors banner

PODS® Protein Crystals Explained

  • Release of bioactive cargo demonstrated up to 8 weeks
  • High levels of stability in aqueous storage - 70% of original capacity retained
  • Withstand high-temperature manufacturing processes

Click here for more information on PODS®.
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Daresbury Proteins – 4 NEW Recombinant Proteins Available

Daresbury proteins are supplied in a liquid buffered formulation. Secondary structures of full-length soluble recombinants confer high stability even after days of storage at ambient temperature ensuring their authentic function and activity.
Daresbury Proteins - 4 new proteins banner

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MicronPlus – Pattern Adhesive PTFE Sealing Films: No Heat Sealer Required!

MicronPlus logoMicronPlus pattern adhesive PTFE sealing films for microplates are specifically designed to eliminate clogging and contamination of needles and offer the best optical clarity for inspection and diagnostic applications.

MicronPlus Sealing Films Samples Available Starburst


  • Adhesive-free well coverage
  • Available with pre-slit feature in center of each well
  • No cross-contamination or evaporation
  • Outstanding resistance to solvents and extreme temperatures

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Vector® Laboratories – Buy 1 and Get 2nd at 50% OFF* Promotion Banner

FineTest Protein Inventory Clearance Banner Sept 2021

Sequence BioTech LLC - Precision Plus Series Pipettor: Special Pricing Sep2021 Banner

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Tania Villeneuve Celebrates Her 15th Anniversary with MJSBioLynx

Tania VilleneuveDuring this month we want to take a moment to celebrate Tania Villeneuve, our Technical Sales Manager who recently had her 15th anniversary with MJSBioLynx!  Since joining our team in 2006, Tania has grown from working with our Technical Support Team and our Technical Sales Team to our Management Team.  Tania is instrumental to the daily operations of our little company as well as the growth and successes we have experienced over our 23 years.  We look forward to working with Tania in the many years to come.

Thank you Tania! ...and Congratulations!




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Crystal Technology & Industries, Inc. – Leak-proof Cryovials for Biological Sample Storage

Crystal Cryovial

Crystal Cryovials Cover Image








Click here to download the PDF.
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Crystal Technology & Industries, Inc. – Tube Revolver with Interchangeable Rotisseries

Tube Revolver






Click here to download the PDF.
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Tube Revolver with Fixed Speed.
Click here to order or request a quote on the Tube Revolver with Variable Speed and Digital Display.


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Vector® Laboratories – IF & IHC: Considerations for Mounting Media Selection

Vector® Laboratories LogoThe last step in the staining workflow, mounting is necessary to ensure the tissue section can be viewed under a microscope. The mounting medium is the substance in which the specimen is embedded and provides a uniform and optically clear environment for imaging of the specimen.

Vector Laboratories - IF & IHC Tips & Tricks Banner

Click here to learn how to select the appropriate mounting media. (vectorlabs.com)


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Cell Guidance Systems – Diverse Approaches Emerge for Exosome Therapy to Treat COVID-19

Cell Guidance Systems Logo"One of the main pathophysiology pathways of COVID-19 infection is through the transportation of the virus-induced exosomes carrying the viruses’ native cargo components to distant organs. By incorporating their viral material into exosomes, the viruses…"

virus image

Click here to read the full article. (cellgs.com)

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