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July 2020


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EpiCypher – CUTANA® pAG-Tn5 for ChIC/CUT&Tag

CUTANA pAG-Tn5 in CUT&Tag is a major advancement over ChIP-seq, as this step eliminates the need for chromatin fragmentation as well as expensive library preparation. The entire CUT&Tag direct-to-PCR workflow can be performed in a single tube, enabling streamlined sample handling and increasing
experimental throughput.

  • No library preparation nor chromatin fragmentation required
  • Streamlined, cost effective 2-day protocol
  • Greater sensitivity with ultra-low inputs
  • Requires 10-fold less antibodies

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EpiCypher – CUTANA® E. coli Spike-in DNA

Fragmented DNA derived from Escherichia coli (E. coli) can be used as a spike-in control for experimental normalization in CUT&RUN.  CUTANA E. coli Spike-in DNA contains sufficient material for 100-200 CUT&RUN samples (high and low abundance targets, respectively).

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Finneran Porvair – Microlute™ CP - Highly Reproducible Solid Phase Extraction

Thanks to it's unique Hybrid Technology, Microlute CP takes Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) to a new level of performance by enhancing the reproducibility of analyte extraction and recovery from biological, environmental and chemical samples.

Unlike traditional loose-packed SPE methods, Microlute CP uses a hybrid structure to enhance the flow-through
of samples to maximize interactions between analytes and the solid phase to deliver an unmatched reproducible
SPE method that excels in performance, cleanliness and sensitivity.

  • Enhanced reproducibility
  • Greater selectivity & specificity of target analytes
  • Efficient sample clean-up & concentration system

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Vector® Laboratories – Antigen Unmasking Solutions (Citric Acid and Tris-Based)

Use Vector® Laboratories antigen retrieval reagents with formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections to unmask antigens for optimum immunolabeling. The solutions are supplied in a convenient 100x concentrated stock, sufficient for preparation of 25 L of working solution.


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USA Scientific – Mixer HC - Control Temperature, Speed, and Mixing Intervals

Increase the reproducibility of your temperature-dependent reactions for better yields and more consistent results. Control block temperature, mixing speed, and mixing intervals simultaneously and precisely with the Mixer HC.

  • Control temperature, speed, and mixing intervals
  • Heat to 99°C or cool 13°C below room temperature
  • Blocks are available for a variety of tubes and multiple well plates

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Vector® Laboratories – Complete Staining Kits - Buy 1, Get a 2nd at 25% OFF (Selected Kits)

It's time to restock for your upcoming IHC experiments with the
most sensitive reagents from Vector® Laboratories!

Buy 1 and Get the 2nd at 25% OFF Selected
ImmPRESS® Polymers and VECTASTAIN® Elite ABC Kits!

Click here for the selected ImmPRESS® and VECTASTAIN® Kits.

Valid now until August 31st, 2020.
Mix and Match permitted.
Promotion Code:  VECT0620

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Vector® Laboratories – TrueVIEW® New Trial Size - Promotion Extended!

  • Specifically quenches autofluorescence
    Specifically binds and quenches autofluorescent elements from non-lipofuscin sources
    without altering your specific signal.
  • Quick and Easy 3-Step Protocol
    2-5 minutes incubation after staining. 
    The kit comes with the VECTASHIELD® Vibrance antifade
    mounting media (with or without DAPI counterstain).
  • Compatible with popular fluorophores
    TrueVIEW has been successfully tested with Alexa Fluor®,
    DyLight®, FITC, Cy®3, CY®5, GFP and more.

Click here for more information and to request your Trial Kit for only $10!

Promotion Code:  VECT0420
Valid until August 31st, 2020

One TRIAL kit is sufficient to treat approximately 30 tissue sections.  
Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

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Mirus Bio – Buy One Ingenio® Electroporation Solution,
Get One FREE with Purchase of an Ingenio® EZporator® System

Ingenio® is a broad spectrum solution that supports high efficiency electroporation with minimal toxicity and replaces standard electroporation solutions including phosphate buffered saline and serum-free media. 

Purchase the new Ingenio® EZporator® System and take advantage of our Buy One Get One FREE offer on your first purchase of the Ingenio® Electroporation Solution.

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Promotion Code MIREZ19.
Offer valid on first purchase of the Ingenio® Solution or Kit after purchase of the Ingenio® EZporator® System.
Free product must be the same product number as the purchased product. 
Promotion is subject to change.

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Vector® Laboratories – Lectins Application and Resource Guide

Learn how lectins can be applied as valuable tools in your research. This guide features 12 applications using lectins, including general procedures, images, over 100 published references, tables highlighting lectin sugar specificity, properties and structures, use of lectins in coronavirus research and much more.

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Vector® Laboratories – Human on Human (H.O.H.) Immunodetection White Paper

Human or humanized antibodies are increasingly being used to treat cancer, autoimmune disease, and other disease conditions. A key step in therapeutic antibody development is confirming that the antibody binds to the intended target in human tissues. In this paper, a novel immunohistochemical technology, the Human on Human (H.O.H.) Immunodetection Kit, is discussed and compared to other techniques.

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Sequence Biotech, LLC – Pipetting DMSO with the Precision Plus Series Pipettor

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Matreya, LLC – Deuterated Gangliosides for Mass Spectrometry

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Are You Returning To The Lab Soon?  Use This Lab Restart Checklist!

Life in the lab will be different than it was prior to the shutdown. Physical distancing and regulations on the use of shared equipment and reagents will all have to be addressed. To help you get back up to speed quickly, Vector® Laboratories have put together a convenient checklist that we hope will be helpful to you.

Click here to download the checklist.

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EpiCypher – CUT&RUN and CUT&Tag:  Which One Is Right For You?

In recent years, the fields of genomics and epigenetics have been introduced to two exciting and novel immunotethering approaches for chromatin profiling: CUT&RUN and CUT&Tag. In this article, the nuances of each method we will be discussed to help researchers determine the best technical approach
for their biological question of interest.

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abc biopply – New Approaches to 3D Cell Culture Models Webinar

Register to this free webinar (July 8th, 2020) to inspire your experimental models and provide novel insights into tissue-specific interactions of cells.

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MJSBioLynx Wellbeing

New 21-Day Meditation Experience

Renew Yourself:  Body, Mind & Spirit
A rejuvenating mediation program with the well-being pioneer, Deepak Chopra
and international music icon, J. Balvin.

Click here for more information.  (Link to Chopra Center)


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