What Makes the Blood of Horseshoe Crabs so Unique?

Unless you’re a researcher or biologist, you might not be aware that horseshoe crabs are one of today’s most important resources when it comes to the creation and manufacturing of endotoxins. They’ve also been around for more than 400 million years! That’s why the professionals at BioLynx are proud to carry some of today’s leading endotoxin products, like those manufactured by the Associates of Cape Cod (ACC)...Read More


The Leading Migration Assay Products Available from BioLynx

For years, Platypus Technologies has been known for developing products that meet the high standards scientists, biologists, and medical professionals expect. Their quality products run the gamut from cell migration applications to cell culture solutions, scanning probe microscopy applications, and more...Read More


The Leading Mirus Bio Products from MJSBioLynx

Known as one of today’s leading manufacturers of gene delivery technologies, Mirus Bio products have been a standard for scientists and biologists the world over for many years. Focused on the development of technology to enhance the nucleic acid delivery process, Mirus has created leading chemical transfection reagents, along with electroporation, virus production, and transduction products...Read More

The Mirus Bio Transfection Tools Available from MJSBioLynx

Over the years, Mirus Bio has developed a reputation for delivering some of the most innovative technology available in the life science sector, providing researchers with a range of affordable solutions when it comes to transfection. With a focus on delivering more efficient applications to enhance nucleic acid delivery, they’ve created some of the leading transfection reagent, virus production/transduction and electroporation products on the market...Read More