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Vector Laboratories – VECTASHIELD® Antifade Mounting Media

Choosing an effective mounting medium is especially important for immunofluorescence imaging. Fluorophores are susceptible to photobleaching and fading from both the imaging excitation light and during storage. The right mounting medium will protect your samples for short- and long-term use and archiving. VECTASHIELD® Antifade Mounting Media formulations offer unsurpassed protection against fading and photobleaching.

Key Advantages

  • Inhibits photobleaching of most fluorophores, dyes, fluorescent proteins and stains
  • Ideal refractive index
  • Easy to use, no warming necessary
  • Continues to inhibit photobleaching even after prolonged storage of mounted slides
  • With or without nuclear or cytoskeletal counterstain
  • Hardening or non-hardening formulations


abc biopply - Humanized Disease Models: Boosting 3D Drug Development Models to the ex vivo

Over the last decade, abc biopply has pioneered a unique portfolio of 3D multi-organoid in chip assays that perfectly mimic the physiological microenvironment. The proprietary technology enables the easy and reliable generation of quantitative datasets permitting powerful and predictive statistics. The assays and the related CRO services support pharmaceutical and biotech companies to de-risk their drug development processes. With this development, abc biopply has successfully boosted the relevance of purely in vitro testing to the ex vivo level.

abc biopply offers a comprehensive portfolio of validated service packages based on the proprietary 3D CoSeedis in chip communication technology. Utilizing 3D CoSeedis humanized multi-organoid models, as well as traditional monolayer models, they specialize in assay endpoints useful for drug discovery and pharmaceutical development.


Micronic - Rack Reader DR900

Micronic - Rack Reader DR900The high speed Micronic Rack Reader DR900 reads whole racks filled with 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes in just 3 seconds. With the optional added 1D Side Barcode Reader, it can also read 1D Barcodes simultaneously in just 1 second. The Rack Reader DR900 works with the easy to install Micronic Code Reader Software which integrates into any laboratory sample database.

  • Reads and decodes racked tubes in 3 seconds
  • Compatible with a variety of 2D Data-Matrix coded tube brands
  • Reads and decodes 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes
    in 138-, 96-, 48-, and 24-well format
  • Compact and user-friendly
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

USA Scientific – TipOne® Pipette Tip Starter Systems

TipOne® Pipette Tip Starter SystemStarter systems are a convenient way to get started with TipOne®.

Each TipOne® starter system includes 10 racks with tips and 20 refill wafers (2880 tips).

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USA Scientific – TipOne® Filter Tip Refill Starter Systems

TipOne Filter Tip Starter SystemFilter tip starter systems are a convenient way to get started with TipOne® filter tip refills.  Each TipOne® filter tip refill starter system includes 10 racks with tips and 10 refill cassettes (1920 tips).  All tips are certified free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA and pyrogens.

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USA Scientific – TipOne® Pipette Tips

TipOne® Pipette TipsTipOne® is the original easy-to-load, refillable tip system that saves space and reduces waste.  They are reusable, easy to refill, and will last through repeated autoclaving cycles.  Refills are sealed in plastic; USA Scientific doesn't use cardboard, paper, or other uncharacterized materials as tip containers.

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Associates of Cape Cod, Inc. – PyroSmart NextGen®

Make An Impact – The Future of Sustainable LAL testing is bright!

Associates of Cape Cod, Inc. See The Light with PyroSmart NextGen®
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PyroSmart NextGen® is a sustainable recombinant Cascade Reagent (rCR) that delivers
the same reliable results as your conventional LAL reagent, while offering these additional advantages:

• No Animal Content – Horseshoe Crab Blood Free
• Same Cascade

• No Cross Reactivity With 1,3-ß-D-glucans
• Same Instrument
• Same Preparation Steps
• Meets Your Sustainability Objectives - Keep Your Method

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Read the BPB report on the Evaluation of Recombinant Cascade Reagent PyroSmart NextGen®
and Limulus Amebocyte Lysate Equivalency in a Plate and Tube Reader for Bacterial Endotoxins Testing.
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Aqua Solutions – Solutions for Laboratory Water Purification

Go for user-friendliness with Aqua Solutions. These systems are easy to install, operate, and maintain.

Product lines include:
• Type I Reagent Grade DI systems

• Type II & Type III Reagent Grade DI systems
• Combination Reverse Osmosis plus Type I DI systems in a single cabinet design
• Combination Reverse Osmosis plus Type II/III DI systems in a single cabinet design
• Reverse Osmosis pretreatment systems
• Replacement cartridges and accessories for other systems

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MicronPlus - Pattern Adhesive PTFE Sealing Films – No Heat Sealer Required!

MicronPlus pattern adhesive PTFE sealing films for microplates are specifically designed to eliminate clogging and contamination of needles and offer the best optical clarity for inspection and diagnostic applications.

  • Adhesive-free well coverage
  • Available with pre-slit feature in center of each well
  • No cross-contamination or evaporation
  • Outstanding resistance to solvents and extreme temperatures

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EpiCypher – CUTANA™ CUT&Tag Kit: Powerful Assays for Epigenomic Profiling

Ultra-sensitive. Rapid results. Rigourously tested.

Advantages include:

  • Streamlined two-day protocol with no library prep
  • Exclusive single-tube workflow maximizes yield
  • Reliable profiling using low cell numbers
  • Dramatically reduced assay costs
  • Comprehensive kit goes from cells to sequence-ready DNA

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Vector Laboratories – VectaMount® Express Mounting Medium

Save time, money, and reduce waste by enabling mounting directly after staining!

VectaMount Express is a non-aqueous clearing and mounting medium enabling the rapid mounting
of cell and tissue specimens following immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining.

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GlycoSelect – Highly Recombinant Prokaryotic Lectins

Highly Specific Recombinant Prokaryotic Lectins from GlycoSeLect has developed a range of RPL products exhibiting specificity and high affinity for a range of glycan epitopes displaying terminal galactose and mannose (including high mannose structures).

All RPL products display a poly-histidine tag enabling simple detection using standard conjugated anti-his detection antibodies negating a requirement for in vitro labeling (e.g. biotinylation).

Products are available in a range of pack sizes and can be supplied in large quantities (grams) if required.

  RPL-Gal   RPL-Gal4   RPL-Sia2
  RPL-Gal1   RPL-Man   RPL-Sia3
  RPL-Gal2   RPL-Man2   RPL-Fuc1
  RPL-Gal3   RPL-Sia1  

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ErgoOne® Single, Eight and Twelve-Channel Pipettors

  • Works with TipOne® and other universal tips
  • Colour-coded by volume, easy to calibrate in the lab, and are fully autoclavable
  • Light, balanced weight reduces fatigue
  • Centrally located 4-digit display increases precision
  • Plunger height accommodates large and small hands
  • Volume adjustment and locking easily achieved with one hand
  • Ejector button position reduces strain
  • 3 year warranty

EpiCypher – CUTANA™ ChIC/CUT&RUN Kit

Includes all the controls you need for a well-designed publication-quality experiment!

This kit enables streamlined chromatin profiling of histone post-translational modifications (PTM) and chromatin associated proteins while providing increased throughput and reproducibility with multi-channel pipetting.

  • Control Antibodies
    Lot-tested positive and negative control antibodies generate reliable CUT&RUN data and display strong correlation with ChIP-seq. Kit includes clear instructions for their application in CUT&RUN.
  • E. coli Spike-in DNA
    Monitor DNA loss and/or amplification during library preparation to normalize sequencing data and perform pairwise comparisons.
  • Spike-in Nucleosome Controls
    First-in-class, defined DNA-barcoded nucleosome controls for CUT&RUN.
    Combine with positive and negative control antibodies to monitor and quantify experimental success. 

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Vector Laboratories – ImmPACT® DAB EqV Peroxidase (HRP) Substrate Kit

Ultra-Sensitive DAB for IHC/ICC/ISH

ImmPACT DAB EqV produces a dark brown reaction product and is 3 to 5 times more sensitive than the original DAB substrate.  The result is a crisp and intense signal even for weakly expressed antigens.

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Simport – SuperFlex™ Low Profile "Break Away" PCR Plate - 96 Wells

The wells are individually flexible to have a perfect fit even when there is a difference in expansion coefficients.

  • For PCR and qPCR applications
  • Compatible with all instruments that fit non-skirted, low profile plates
  • Molded from virgin polypropylene
  • RNase, DNase, Human Genomic DNA free
  • Sealable with the T321-96N PCR cap strips, or T329-6 Adhesive Seals or Heat Seals
  • 0.2 mL low profile format

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 SuperFlex™ “Break-Away” PCR Plates, Clear, Non-sterile,
 10/Bag, 100/Case


 SuperFlex™ “Break-Away” PCR Plates, Clear, Sterile,
 Individually Wrapped, Pkg. 10

Cell Guidance Systems - PODS-PeptiGels

For improved 3D Cell Culture!
Cell Guidance Systems and Manchester BIOGEL collaborate to launch PODS-PeptiGels for 3D cell culture.

  • PODS-PeptiGels combine two stand-out technologies
    in a single customisable cell culture environment
  • Provides researchers with a predictable and controlled system, with potential for long-term experiments and reduced hands-on time

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Associates of Cape Cod, Inc. – Pyrosate® Kit: Rapid Endotoxin Detection

The Pyrosate® kit is developed as an easy-to-use LAL gel-clot test. The assay does not require special training or laboratory supplies. The step-by-step illustrated instructions allow the user to perform assays within minutes. The Pyrosate® kit provides rapid results and is especially convenient for research, testing water and dialysate.

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Micronic – Rack Reader DR710 with Active Anti-Frost System

The Micronic Rack Reader DR710 has an active anti-frost system where warm dry air is drawn into the scanner to prevent condensation on the scanning plate ensuring the highest accuracy 2D code reading with frozen racks.

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Scientific Device Laboratory – Control Slides

Why waste valuable time and resources maintaining your own in-house stock cultures for quality control? Scientific Device Laboratory’s scientists maintain a wide array of microbial cultures, and prepare control slides for helping you evaluate and verify the performance of staining methods and stain reagents. Custom slides also available.

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abc biopply – 3D CoSeedis™ Cell Co-Culture System

3D CoSeedis provides an excellent tool to investigate tumour cell behaviour ex vivo in set-up that mimics the natural environment of cancer cells. It is novel 3D cell co-culture system that consists of a unique agarose-based chip that allows the formation of spheroidal and non-spheroidal cell aggregates in a highly-reproducible and consistent manner.

  • Uniform and homogenous organoids
  • Wide Range of Disease Models
  • Easy Harvesting of 3D Cell Constructs
  • Highly Reproducibles - HTS/HCS Compatible

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NEST Biotechnology – Cell Culture Inserts

NEST's cell culture inserts allow cells to secrete on and absorb molecules from their basal and apical surfaces to metabolize in a more natural way, as well as to stimulate the in vivo environment to the maximum extent for culturing of some special cell lines. Cell growth, structure, and function more closely mimic what occurs in vivo. NEST inserts are available for 24, 12 and 6 well-plates as well as 100mm dish.

Free samples available upon request.

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Vector® Laboratories – VECTABOND® Reagent, Tissue Section Adhesion

The VECTABOND® Reagent is designed to significantly increase the adherence of both frozen and paraffin-embedded tissue sections and cell preparations to glass slides and coverslips. It chemically modifies the surface of the glass with positive charges to form a highly adherent surface.

VECTASHIELD PLUS Antifade Mounting Medium

VECTASHIELD PLUS Antifade Mounting Medium is a unique, stable formula for preserving fluorescence and inhibiting rapid photobleaching of fluorescent proteins and dyes. It remains liquid on the slide and can be stored without sealing. It is available with or without DAPI counterstain.

  • Superior non-setting formulation
  • No inherent toning or background with superior signal retention
  • Mounted sections can be viewed in 1 hour

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High-Purity Detergents and Lipids

Anatrace is committed to developing and supplying the industry’s finest high-purity detergents and lipids. It is an internationally recognized leader in manufacturing reagents for membrane protein studies and custom chemical synthesis.

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USA Scientific – TipOne® Pipet Tips - Exceptional Fit and Accurate Delivery

TipOne® pipet tips are optimized for accurate delivery and exceptional fit. TipOne fits securely and seals completely with gentle pressure. All tips are made from pure virgin polypropylene. They are certified free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA, and pyrogens.

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Vector® Laboratories – Mouse on Mouse (M.O.M.) Kits: For Detecting Anti-mouse Antibodies in Mouse Tissues

An anti-mouse detection antibody generally cannot distinguish between a primary antibody produced in mouse and the endogenous mouse immunoglobulins present in mouse tissue. The M.O.M. Kits contain proprietary M.O.M. Mouse Ig Blocking Reagent and are available based on either avidin-biotin technology or polymer technology.

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Heathrow Scientific – PCR Products You Can Count On

We know when working with PCR samples, it's vital that each product you work with is efficient and accurate. Heathrow Scientific product line has a 99.7% reliability rating, so you know when you use a Heathrow Scientific product, there's nothing to worry about.

Heathrow equipment now comes with 5 year warranty!

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MAGBIO – HighPrep™ Viral DNA/RNA Kit

The MAGBIO HighPrep™ Viral DNA/RNA kit is designed for rapid and reliable isolation of total viral nucleic acids from whole blood, serum, plasma, saliva and other body fluids.

  • Rapid and reliable purification of viral RNA and DNA
  • Yields highly concentrated viral nucleic acids for greater sensitivity in detection
  • High sensitivity for best detection of low-copy viruses

Jena Bioscience – Total RNA Kit

The spin column based Total RNA Purification Kit is designed for rapid, high purity and high yield isolation of total RNA from small amounts of various samples including blood, animal and plant tissue, bacteria and viruses.

  • Up to 100 µg of high purity RNA per preparation
  • Various sample origins
  • Complete removal of inhibitors

For research use only!  Not intended for human or animal diagnostic or therapeutic uses.

Vector Laboratories – VECTASHIELD® Vibrance™

This antifade mounting medium prevents rapid photobleaching of fluorescent proteins and fluorescent dyes on cell and tissue section preparations.  It is supplied as a ready-to-use formulation which will cure (set) over several hours at room temperature to immobilize the coverslip.  The antifade properties are effective across the spectrum, including far red channels.

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Mirus - Transfection Reagents

Mirus Transfection Reagents are ideal for delivering all types of nucleic acids including: DNA, siRNA, miRNA, mRNA, viral RNA and oligonucleotides to eukaryotic cells. Each reagent provides high efficiency transfection while exhibiting low cellular toxicity, enabling the acquisition of physiologically relevant data and preservation of the transfected cell population.

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