• Supplier: EpiCypher
  • Storage Conditions: DO NOT FREEZE ENTIRE KIT. Upon receipt, store individual components at room temperature, 4°C and -20°C (see manual for full instructions).

Product Description

  • The CUTANA ChIC/CUT&RUN Kit contains sufficient materials for 48 CUT&RUN samples and is designed for multi-channel sample pipetting in order to realize the increased experimental throughput advantage of CUT&RUN. The kit includes positive (H3K4me3) and negative (IgG) control antibodies. A panel of bead immobilized H3K4 methyl designer nucleosomes (dNucs™) are spiked-in to control samples to directly monitor experimental success and aid troubleshooting. E. coli DNA is added to samples after pAG-MNase cleavage to enable experimental normalization. The kit is compatible with cells and nuclei, including cryopreserved and cross-linked samples. It is recommended to start with 500,000 cells, however comparable data can be generated using as few as 5,000 cells. The inclusion of controls and compatibility with diverse target types, sample inputs, and low cell numbers make the CUTANA ChIC/CUT&RUN Kit ideal for a variety of research applications.


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