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August 2019

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Vector® Laboratories – Secondary Antibodies

Staining quality is often affected by the secondary antibodies used in your experiments, so it is crucial to select a dependable secondary to ensure quality visualization.

Qualities of a reliable secondary include:

  • Immunization schedule to ensure the highest possible affinities for targets
  • Purification by affinity chromatography to increase specificity of the antibody
  • Removal of cross-reactivity by solid phase adsorption
  • Maximum degree of conjugation without compromising the stability of the conjugate,
    or the specificity and the affinity of the antibody
  • Rigorous quality-control assays performed

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Platypus Technologies – 20% OFF Oris and Oris Pro Cell Migration Assays from August to October!

Cell Migration Assays by Platypus Technologies use exclusion-zone technology to ensure you obtain high-quality results for studies in drug discovery, wound healing, or cancer research.

  • Industry-standard 96- or 384-well formats
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Quantification with plate readers, microscopes or high-content imagers
  • No artificial membranes
  • Use Oris for maximal assay flexibility
  • Use Oris Pro for full automation with high Z factors

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Promotion Code ORIS-1019
Valid August 1st to October 31st, 2019
Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

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Vector® Laboratories – Get a FREE Package of ImmEdge™ or ImmPrint™ Pens
When You Order $1000 or More of Any Vector Laboratories' Products

The ImmEdge Pen is a hydrophobic barrier (PAP) pen for immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization. It provides a water-repellent barrier that keeps reagents localized on tissue specimens and prevents mixing of reagents when multiple sections are mounted on the same slide.

The ImmPrint Histology Pen is a solvent-resistant permanent marking pen designed for writing on frosted glass microscope slides, tissue cassettes, and most hard surfaces

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Get a FREE package of ImmEdge™ or ImmPrint™ Pens on Orders of $1000 or more of Vector Laboratories Products
Promotion Code: VECTPEN19
Valid until August 31st, 2019
Must be a single order totaling $1000 before taxes

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Mirus Bio – Buy One Ingenio® Electroporation Solution,
Get One FREE with Purchase of an Ingenio® EZporator® System

Ingenio® is a broad spectrum solution that supports high efficiency electroporation with minimal toxicity and replaces standard electroporation solutions including phosphate buffered saline and serum-free media. 

Purchase the new Ingenio® EZporator® System and take advantage of our Buy One Get One FREE offer on your first purchase of the Ingenio® Electroporation Solution.

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Promotion Code MIREZ19.
Offer valid on first purchase of the Ingenio® Solution or Kit after purchase of the Ingenio® EZporator® System.
Free product must be the same product number as the purchased product. 
Promotion is subject to change.

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Mucosal Immunology

Hycult Biotech provides information on their newest technologies in the mucosal immunology field including products such as ELISA kits, antibodies, proteins, and other specific biomarkers.

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Hycult Biotech provides information on their cutting-edge ELISA kits.  Products are sorted by categories
which include complements, LPS and microbial toxins, Granulocyte and lymphocyte proteins, inflammation,
and cell damage and toxicity.

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Hycult Biotech provides information on gastroenterology, intestinal damage and the intestinal barrier,
as well as a list of related research products.

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abc biopply – Viability and Cytotoxicity Testing with 3D CoSeedis

Cytotoxicity testing is an important step in assessing the susceptibility or resistance of the test cells to various treatments.  3D CoSeedis™ from abc biopply provides advanced methods to distinguish live from dead cells using two-colour fluorescence detection.

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abc biopply – A Binary Approach to the Colony Forming Assay: 
Reliable and Reproducible Read-Outs Using 3D CoSeedis™


3D CoSeedis™ from abc biopply offers a cutting-edge approach to the colony forming assay (CFA). The conical agarose-based microwell array opens 3D cell culture to a wide range of cells that have so far been elusive to this kind of assay. 3D CoSeedis™ is ideally suited for suspension cells and cells that form colonies in the soft agar assay or in methylcellulose. This advanced
product helps to eliminate bias related to the CFA by fixing colonies in position and focal plane,
allowing (semi-) automatic binary analysis.

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New MJSBioLynx Brochure Available August 2019

Please email tech@biolynx.ca to request a copy of our new brochure.









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4 Ways Meditation Increases Your Productivity and Wellness

“It's important to find balance to not only achieve inner peace but also be more productive and find a balance in our lives that doesn't come at the expense of time. Luckily, with meditation, you can do just that.”

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