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July 2019

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Finneran-Porvair – Protein Precipitation Plates

Porvair Sciences Protein Precipitation Plates (P3), also known as Protein Crash Plates, assist to remove undesired proteins during the preparation of samples. The P3 plate uses the CRASH method to precipitate proteins out of the solution, while maintaining good flow rate, low non-specific binding, and a clean system that ensures no leakage.

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Mirus – TransIT-VirusGEN® SELECT Transfection Reagent

Mirus is pleased to announce the launch of the TransIT-VirusGEN® SELECT Transfection Reagent
(MIR 6730) as part of the TransIT-VirusGEN product family.

This new solution allows for large-scale virus production for preclinical and early phase clinical trials.
It is available in 30mL quantities, with the ability to transfect 10L of cell culture.

  • High Performance – Efficient for large-scale production
  • Flexible – Compatible with different recombinant virus platforms and cell culture systems
  • Animal Origin Free – Fully synthetic

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Vector® Laboratories – Get a FREE Package of ImmEdge™ or ImmPrint™ Pens
When You Order $1000 or More of Any Vector Laboratories' Products


The ImmEdge Pen is a hydrophobic barrier (PAP) pen for immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization. It provides a water-repellent barrier that keeps reagents localized on tissue specimens and prevents mixing of reagents when multiple sections are mounted on the same slide.

The ImmPrint Histology Pen is a solvent-resistant permanent marking pen designed for writing on frosted glass microscope slides, tissue cassettes, and most hard surfaces

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Get a FREE package of ImmEdge™ or ImmPrint™ Pens on Orders of $1000 or more of Vector Laboratories Products
Promotion Code: VECTPEN19
Valid until August 31st, 2019
Must be a single order totaling $1000 before taxes

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Tecan Genomics (NuGEN) – Save 15% OFF all products with NuQuant® Technology

Simplify your workflow by using integrated NuQuant® library quantification for Illumina sequencing.  NuQuant® is a novel method to measure the molar concentrations of NGS libraries in seconds.  This method eliminates the need to serially dilute libraries and estimate library size, making it more accurate than other library quantitation methods such as qPCR or DNA electrophoresis.

Why Use NuQuant®?

  • Cost-effective:  No qPCR reagents needed
  • Exceptionally accurate:  Simple fluorescence assay to determine library molarity
  • More consistent results:  No serial dilutions of standards that introduce variability
  • All inclusive:  NuQuant® is integrated in select library preparation kits

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Promotion code: NuQuant2019
Promotion valid until July 31st, 2019.
Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

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Mirus Bio – Buy One Ingenio® Electroporation Solution,
Get One FREE with Purchase of an Ingenio® EZporator® System

Ingenio® is a broad spectrum solution that supports high efficiency electroporation with minimal toxicity and replaces standard electroporation solutions including phosphate buffered saline and serum-free media. 

Purchase the new Ingenio® EZporator® System and take advantage of our Buy One Get One FREE offer on your first purchase of the Ingenio® Electroporation Solution.

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Promotion Code MIREZ19.
Offer valid on first purchase of the Ingenio® Solution or Kit after purchase of the Ingenio® EZporator® System.
Free product must be the same product number as the purchased product. 
Promotion is subject to change.

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Mirus – Generate High Antibody Titers Like a Pro

See how the new CHOgro® High Yiled Expression System outperforms the ExpiCHO Expression System. The new CHOgro® system is the most advanced and cost-effective transient transfection system for high-yield protein production in suspension CHO cells.

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From Vector® Laboratories' Science Corner, June 2019

IHC Tissue Processing:  What's Happening Behind The Scenes

You simply can’t take fixed tissue and embed it! Tissue processing needs to take place between tissue fixation and the embedding of paraffin blocks. Explore the three main steps in tissue processing: dehydration, clearing and infiltration.

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Can You Combine ABC and TSA?

The ABC (Avidin Biotin Complex) method can be combined with both a polymer secondary antibody and biotin-tyramide amplification (TSA) to increase sensitivity. Researchers demonstrated a highly sensitive hybrid immunostaining method that does not increase background staining.

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The Power of Special Imaging to Visualize Colocalization

For colocalization of two antigens in multiplex staining, spectral imaging analysis offers an advantage of unmixing the double staining patterns into two single staining images. Thus, visual contrast of reaction products is no longer a requirement. Spectral imaging can even be applied to quadruple IHC using various HRP and AP substrates.

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Vector® Laboratories – Packaging Change

Vector Laboratories is pleased to announce a new packaging design for select product lines. This new look saves you fridge space and is designed to limit plastic waste.

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We Are What We Repeatedly Do:  Four Plans for Healthy Habits

“Health and happiness have more to do with our habits than our circumstances… For better or for worse, our habits shape our present circumstances and foretell our future success.”

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