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September 2018


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Mirus Bio – FREE Webinar:  Transfections That Don't Suck

Thursday, September 13, 2018
11:00-11:45 a.m. CST

Join us if you can relate to any of these:

  • I can't get my transfections to work
  • My transfections work, but I want better results
  • I haven't done transfections in like forever, I need a quick primer
  • What is transfection again?

Whether a novice, expert or someone who needs a quick refresh on transfections, Mirus Bio’s in-house expert Miguel Dominguez will go over simple steps to optimize your transfections and troubleshoot some things that are commonly overlooked.


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NuGEN - Next-Generation Sequencing Survey

We offer NuGEN’s range of products to improve NGS Library Preparation.  We would like to hear from you to find out more about what is important to you in an NGS Library Preparation Workflow.

NuGEN will soon release new products that use the NuQuant™ Library Quantitation method that enables users to measure the molar concentration of NGS libraries quickly and accurately. NuQuant™ will be available on NGS library preparation kits that enable enzymatic fragmentation and PCR-Free workflows.

Please complete the survey below and we will send you a quote for 60% off the list price of an 8 reaction kit for a NuGEN Celero™, Celero™ PLUS, Universal PLUS or PCR-Free workflows.   If you like it and purchase the 32 reaction kit, we'll give you a discount for the amount you paid for 8 reaction kit.

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Vector Laboratories – VECTASHIELD® Vibrance™ Antifade Mounting Medium

VECTASHIELD® Vibrance™ Antifade Mounting Medium prevents rapid photobleaching of fluorescent proteins and fluorescent dyes on cell and tissue section preparations.  It is supplied as an aqueous, ready-to-use formulation which will cure (set) over several hours at room temperature to immobilize the coverslip. No further sealing of the coverslip is required.

VECTASHIELD Vibrance Antifade Mounting Medium is compatible with the majority of commercially available fluorescent dyes.  The antifade properties of the medium are effective across the spectrum, including far red channels.

Get a 10% Introductory Discount until September 30th, 2018.

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Micronic – 0.40mL Tube with External Thread

The new 0.40mL tube is designed to perfectly fit into the TTP LabTech comPOUND sample store (D2 modus). The store can hold two 0.40ml tubes in each hole of its carousels, doubling the capacity. This special tube design provides the maximum sample storage capacity compared to all other available tube designs, the Micronic tube features the highest working volume of 0.40ml.

  • Triple start thread for optimal sealing quality
  • Improved sample integrity due to external thread (cross-contamination is minimized)
  • Thick tube walls and sturdy design for storage in ultra-low temperatures
  • Code surface has a raised edge to protect the 2D code
  • Black code surface cannot be separated from the transparent tube


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Heathrow Scientific – Magnetic Induction Stirrer

The Magnetic Induction Stirrer is motor-less, using advanced coil technology that produces the strongest magnetic coupling and has no moving parts making this unit 100% wear-free and maintenance free.

Several advantages come with a motor-less magnetic stirrer versus a traditional magnetic stirrer.

  • No heat is generated after hours of continuous use making this unit ideal for temperature sensitive samples and environments
  • Quiet operation and low vibration helps users stay focused in the lab
  • The magnetic field driving the stir bar maintains continuous constant speeds for reproducible results


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Vector Laboratories – Re-order 1 Product and Get 50% OFF a Second Product You’ve Never Tried Before

Vector Labs offers a full range of reagents for immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, immunofluorescence, glycobiology, and live cell imaging.

Are there more Vector Labs products you would like to try? Each time you re-order a Vector Labs product between now and the end of November 2018, you can add on a Vector Labs product you have never tried before and receive a 50% discount on that product. 


Click here to order or request a quote.
Contact us for help with choosing your new product.


Offer valid until November 30th, 2018.
Please reference promotion code VECT18NEW at time of order.
50% discount is applicable to the list price and can only be applied to a product that has not been previously purchased by the customer.
Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.


Vector Laboratories - 10% Introductory Discount on VECTASHIELD® Vibrance™ Antifade Mounting Medium

VECTASHIELD® Vibrance™ Antifade Mounting Medium prevents rapid photobleaching of fluorescent proteins and fluorescent dyes on cell and tissue section preparations.

Click here for more information about VECTASHIELD® Vibrance™.
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Offer valid until September 30th, 2018.
Promotion Code VECT0918.
Cannot be comvined with other offers or discounts. 


Platypus Technologies – 20% OFF Oris™ and Oris™ Pro Cell Migration Kits

Cell Migration Assays by Platypus Technologies use exclusion-zone technology to ensure you obtain high-quality results that are ready for publication.

  • Industry-standard 96- or 384-well formats
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Quantification with plate readers, microscopes or high-content imagers
  • No artificial membranes
  • Use Oris™ for maximal assay flexibility
  • Use Oris™ Pro for full automation with high Z factors

Click here for more information.
Click here to order or request a quote. 

Offer valid until September 30th, 2018
Promotion Code DISC-0918.
Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.


Micronic - Save 20% OFF Micronic Tissue Tube Trial Packs

Micronic 2D Coded Tissue Tubes are specifically designed to standardize and automate a tissue sample storage workflow.

The 1.00mL tube can store samples with a maximum size of 0.40 x 0.40 x 0.70 cm. The 3.50mL tube can store samples with a maximum size of 0.95 x 0.95 x 2.40 cm.  These externally threaded Tissue Tubes are mainly designed for the storage of fresh frozen tissue samples.


Click here for more information on Micronic Tissue Tubes.
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Offer valid until September 30th, 2018. 
Promotion Code MSTT18. 
Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

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Matreya – August 2018 Newsletter for Glyco/Sphingolipid Research

In this issue: Fucosyl-GM1 is a tumor-associated antigen, O-Acetyl gangliosides in tumor cells, lyso-sphingomyelin as a biomarker for Niemann-Pick Disease, glucosylsphingosine as a biomarker Gaucher Disease.


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Associates of Cape Cod Inc. – Implementation of a Rapid Endotoxin Testing Platform

American Pharmaceutical Review™ article re-publication.

As endotoxin testing platforms have improved, the opportunities for increasing assay speed, sensitivity, and/or decreasing the cost of testing, have continued to create more effective and efficient endotoxin testing systems.  An alternative rapid chromogenic endotoxin method has been implemented at both R&D and commercial manufacturing sites based on more than 3 years of cooperative work between multiple sites.  This rapid method may provide a benefit over the current methodology and aligns with initiatives such as continuous improvement and zero defects.  This paper provides a summary of the system and methodology, evaluation of data, the improvements/benefits achieved, quality systems in place surrounding the system, and examples of use. 


Click here to read more.


Hycult Biotech - sCD59 in Demyelinating Disorders

Activation of complement via the classical, lectin or alternative pathway leads to the formation of C3 convertase complexes that cleave C3 to C3a and C3b. C3b causes C5 convertase, which ultimately causes formation of the membrane attack complex (MAC) responsible for cell lysis. CD59 regulates formation of MAC by preventing recruitment of C9.

This study investigates the role of sCD59 in patients with demyelinating disorders. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and matching plasma samples were taken from 78 patients with a demyelinating disorder and 34 from healthy controls. The concentration of sCD59 in these samples was measured using the Hycult Biotech sCD59 ELISA (HK374). An interesting finding was that sCD59 levels in CSF were approximately double those in matched plasma. The results further demonstrated that there was no significant difference in sCD59 levels between the various disease groups.

To determine the source of sCD59 in CSF, the study further performed immunohistochemical staining of brain sections. These results demonstrated that the choroid plexus is likely a site of abundant expression in the brain and may be a site of immune activation.

Whether the (relatively) high amounts of sCD59 in CSF are of any functional relevance remains to be demonstrated. In principle, sCD59 might contribute to homeostasis by dampening down complement activation in the CSF, but it is not a biomarker of demyelinating diseases.

Summary of Zelek, W. et al; Measurement of soluble CD59 in CSF in demyelinating disease: evidence for an intrathecal source of soluble CD59. Mutiple Sclerosis, Feb 2018. Click here for the full article.



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Meet Larbi Mokhtari – Our New Sales Representative for Quebec

MJSBioLynx Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Larbi Mokhtari as the new Technical Sales Representative for Quebec.

Larbi received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Immunology from the University of Algiers in 2012 and 2014 respectively. During his master’s degree, he studied the relationship between genetic polymorphism and type 1 diabetes in the Algerian population.  Larbi then completed an M.Sc. in Microbiology in 2018 at the Université de Montréal, where his research focused on the selection of multi-target inhibitory peptides to help fight Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections in patients with cystic fibrosis.

Larbi will be able to visit you at your convenience to discuss any of your Life Science research needs or applications. He may be contacted through our Brockville office toll free at 1-888-593-5969 ext. 404 or by email at larbim@sales.biolynx.ca.


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Happy Older People Live Longer: New Study Among Senior Singaporeans Suggests Happiness May Be Key to Longevity

"In a new study, researchers have found that increase in happiness is directly proportional with a reduction in mortality. The study, which focused on Singaporeans aged 60 years and older, found that even small increments in happiness may be beneficial, suggesting individual activities as well as government policies and programs that maintain or improve psychological well-being may contribute to longer life."


Click here to read more.  (Link to Science Daily website)


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