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StainQuick Microsporidia

Product Description

  • Stain microsporidia sps. Faster and more efficiently
  • StainQuick™ maintains a constant temperature in the stain
  • The heated stain penetrates organisms more efficiently and in less than a minute
  • The decolorizer/counterstain stains all background organisms for greater specificity
  • Durable 60ml coplin jars and rack are made of microwavable polyethylene
  • The system runs on 7.5volts and components are SA and UL approved. For staining microsporidia use the modified Trichrome Stain Kit (#DL7843)

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DL1951 StainQuick Stain System - Microsporidia Each
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DL7842M Microsporidia Decolorizer 250ml
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