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Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
DL715201 Multiple Female Plug Each -- Add to Cart
DL7154 Battery Pack 12v with Charger Each -- Add to Cart
DL7155INTL 220v/240v converter international Each
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DL7155USA AC/DC Converter 120V for stnd U.S. plugs Each
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DL7156 Battery Guard for ThermoTote Each
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DL715712 ThermoTote12 Petri Dish Rack (package of 4 racks that hold 8 plates each) 4
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DL715724 ThermoTote24 Petri Dish Rack 4
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DL7158 Shelves for Deluxe ThermoTote 2 shelves/pkg -- Add to Cart
DL7160 Cigarette Lighter Adapter for large Thermototes Each -- Add to Cart
DL7162 Cigarette Lighter Adapter for small & med Thermototes Each
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