SNAP-CUTANA™ K-MetStat Panel

  • Supplier: EpiCypher
  • Storage Conditions: Store at -20°C. Lower temperatures can cause freezing and will permanently damage the magnetic beads. Stable for six months from date of receipt.

Product Description

  • The SNAP-CUTANA K-MetStat Panel of spike-in controls for CUT&RUN and CUT&Tag offers an all-in-one solution to determine antibody specificity for histone posttranslational modifications (PTMs), monitor assay success, and normalize data for quantitative chromatin mapping. The panel contains designer nucleosomes (dNucs) representing 16 different K-methyl PTM states: mono-, di-, and trimethylation at H3K4, H3K9, H3K27, H3K36, & H4K20, as well as unmodified control.


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EP191002 SNAP-CUTANA™ K-MetStat Panel 50 Reactions
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