• Supplier: EpiCypher
  • Storage Conditions: Store at -20°C. Lower temperatures can cause freezing and will permanently damage the magnetic beads. Stable for six months from date of receipt. To resuspend beads, gently mix to an even suspension by pipetting; DO NOT VORTEX.

Product Description

  • The SNAP-CUTANA™ DYKDDDDK Tag Panel of spike-in controls for CUT&RUN offers an in-assay control to validate anti-FLAG® antibodies and confirm the success of CUT&RUN reactions involving FLAG epitope-tagged chromatin proteins. This essential positive control guides troubleshooting to differentiate problems with FLAG epitope-tagging (including transgene expression, chromatin binding of the tagged protein, solvent accessibility of the tag, etc.) from technical failures in the CUT&RUN workflow. The panel consists of two nucleosomes containing unmodified histone H3 or 3xDYKDDDDK-H3 fusion, each wrapped with two uniquely barcoded DNA templates (A and B, for an internal technical replicate). The nucleosomes are individually conjugated to paramagnetic beads and pooled into a single panel for convenient one-step spike-in to CUT&RUN reactions. The panel is added alongside ConA-immobilized cells just prior to the addition of anti-FLAG or IgG negative control antibodies (see Application Notes and Table 1). The release of genomic chromatin and the barcoded nucleosomes by pAG-MNase is dependent on the specificity of the antibody used.

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EP195001 SNAP-CUTANA™ DYKDDDDK Tag Panel 50 Reactions
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