FuGENE® SI Transfection Reagent

Product Description

  • FuGENE® SI is a novel, multicomponent transfection reagent for high efficiency, and low toxicity delivery of siRNA, miRNA, and other short RNAs into common and difficult-to-transfect eukaryotic cells. FuGENE® SI enables researchers to obtain superior gene silencing and knockdown efficiencies while utilizing lower amounts of siRNAs. The simple, easy-to-use protocol with minimal optimization allows users to free up valuable lab time. Compatible with all commercially available and lab-synthesized siRNAs and miRNAs. See the Unseen® with FuGENE® SI.


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FGSI1000 FuGENE® SI Transfection Reagent 1mL
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FGSI5000 FuGENE® SI Transfection Reagent 5mL
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