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Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
POR228008 Acrylic Vacuum Manifold to hold deep well capture plates 1 -- Add to cart
POR228020 Robotic Compatible Universal vacuum Manifold, acrylic, c/w gauge 1 -- Add to cart
POR228021 Adaptor 1 for medium skirt / drip plates (for use with 228020) 1 -- Add to cart
POR228022 Adaptor 2 for short skirt / long drip plates (for use with 228020) 1 -- Add to cart
POR228010 Spacer Insert, Polypropylene, 1ml, to allow use of round well Polypropylene microplates (POR219002) in Acrylic and Aluminium deep well manifold (228008, 228005, 228020) 1 -- Add to cart
POR228012 Spacer Insert, HDPE, 350µl, to allow use of 350µl Microplates in Acrylic manifolds (228008/228020) 1 -- Add to cart
POR228007 Replacement gasket, profile (to fit between top plate and vacuum chamber), for 228005/228008/228020 1 -- Add to cart
POR228009 Replacement gasket, flat (to fit top plate below Microlute™), for 228008/228020 1 -- Add to cart