Platypus Technologies

Platypus™ Template Stripped Gold Chips

Product Description

  • Silicon Wafer 1 cm x 1 cm glass chips adhered to a 100 nm gold-coated prime grade silicon wafer
  • Mica 1 cm x 1 cm glass chips adhered to a 200 nm gold-coated piece of mica
  • RMS roughness approaching atomic flatness.
  • Uncontaminated Surface – Gold is protected from the atmosphere until stripped from the template, providing a pristine surface free from organics and other atmospheric contaminants.
  • Ready to Use – Chips do not require cleaning, eliminating the need for hazardous cleaning solutions or expensive cleaning equipment.
  • Convenient – Multiple chips per template make it easy to prepare fresh, clean, and ultraflat chips just seconds before your next experiment.

Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
PPAU1000SWTSG Platypus™ Silicon Wafers with 1000 A Gold coated 20 chips
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PPAU2000MTSG Platypus™ Mica with 2000 A Gold coated 5 chips
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