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Oris™ Cell Migration Assay - Tissue Culture Treated

  • Supplier: Platypus Technologies
  • Storage Conditions: 96-well plate stored at 4°C; all other components at room temperature

Product Description

  • Facilitates adherent cell migration without cell culture inserts
  • Designed with a unique cell seeding stopper, detection mask, and stopper tool
  • This unique plate design generates highly reproducible results using a microscope, digital imaging system or fluorescence plate reader
  • Assays are available with tissue culture treated plates
  • Cell Migration Assay is an ideal alternative to the scratch assay since the cell seeding stoppers create a consistent detection zone to monitor 2-D closure
  • Membrane-free migration requires no cumbersome cell culture inserts; stain and view cells in the same well
  • Reproducible results based on the unique plate design providing well-to-well CV's < 12%
  • Analyze data using multiple probes in a single well using a microscope, digital imager, or fluorescence plate reader
  • Design kinetic or endpoint based cell migration assays without the use of special instrumentation

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PPCMA1101 Oris™ Cell Migration Assay - Tissue Culture Treated 1 plate
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PPCMA5101 Oris™ Cell Migration Assay - Tissue Culture Treated 5 plates
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