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VECTASTAIN® ABC-AP Kit, Alkaline Phosphatase (Mouse IgG)

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  • VECTASTAIN ABC-AP Kit, Alkaline Phosphatase (Mouse IgG), 1 Kit. Based on the avidin-biotin interaction, the modular VECTASTAIN ABC AP Staining system, used with Vector Laboratories' selection of secondary antibodies, works with a wide array of primary antibody and tissue species. ABC kits are economical staple products in IHC and ICC laboratories. The VECTASTAIN ABC Reagent can be used to detect any biotinylated molecule. This is the original avidin/biotin ABC complex formation with a biotinylated anti-mouse IgG secondary antibody. Features: Alkaline phosphatase enzyme detection system, Avidin/biotin technology, High sensitivity/low background, Low cost, Preferred for tissues that have high endogenous peroxidase activity, Offers additional substrate choices, Used as a second label in multiple antigen labeling applications. Kit Contents: 3 ml Normal Horse Serum, 1 ml Biotinylated Horse Anti-Mouse IgG, 2 ml Reagent A (Avidin DH) plus 2 ml Reagent B (Biotinylated AP).


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VECTAK5002 VECTASTAIN® ABC-AP Kit, Alkaline Phosphatase (Mouse IgG), 1 Kit Kit
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