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Jacalin, Agarose

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Product Description

  • Jacalin, Agarose bound, 10 ml, is an agarose-conjugated form of jacalin, a lectin that comprises four subunits of approximately 16 kDa each. Jacalin appears to bind only O-glycosidically linked oligosaccharides, preferring the structure galactosyl (beta-1,3) N-acetylgalactosamine, also known as the T-antigen. Covalent attachment of jacalin to the agarose beads (using a hydrophilic spacer arm) preserves lectin activity and minimizes conformational changes that might result in non-specific or hydrophobic interactions. This also ensures that conjugated proteins are not leached off the beads by Tris or other routinely used buffers. Agarose-bound jacalin is supplied as a 1:1 suspension in buffer and comprises a matrix of heat-stable, crosslinked 4% agarose beads that is stable in solutions at pH 3–11 as well as many organic solvents. Because no residual charge is present after conjugation, non-specific binding to the matrix is minimized.


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VECTAL115310 Jacalin, Agarose bound, 10 ml 10ML
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