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VVL, VVA, Agarose

Product Description

  • Vicia Villosa Lectin (VVL, VVA), Agarose bound, 2 ml, is prepared using Vector Laboratories affinity-purified lectins. This lectin family of tetrameric glycoproteins consists of combinations of A and B subunits similar in structure to PHA and GSL I. The dominant isolectins in this preparation are B subunit–rich. VVL recognizes preferentially α- or β-linked terminal N-acetylgalactosamine, especially a single alpha-N-acetylgalactosamine residue linked to serine/threonine in a polypeptide (the Tn antigen). Features: Bead diameter 45–165 microns, Matrix is stable in solutions at pH 3–11 and many organic solvents, Immobilized lectins are prepared using affinity-purified lectins, Conjugated proteins do not leach off beads with routinely used buffers. No residual charges are present after conjugation, minimizing non-specific binding to the matrix. Supplied as a 1:1 suspension in buffer. Inhibiting/Eluting Sugar: 200 mM N-acetylgalactosamine or Glycoprotein Eluting Solution (Cat. No. ES-2100).


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VECTAL1233 Vicia Villosa Lectin (VVL, VVA), Agarose bound, 2 ml 2 mL
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