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Protein A (S.Aureus, Cowan Strain), Biotinylated

Product Description

  • Protein A, Biotinylated (S. Aureus), 1 mg, is a conjugated form of the 41 kDa protein that binds the Fc portion of most immunoglobulins, including IgA, IgM, and subclasses of IgG. This interaction is neither species- nor isotype-specific. Biotinylated Protein A is useful to detect or localize immunoglobulins on cell surfaces or in tissue sections through its combination with an appropriate avidin or streptavidin conjugate for brightfield, fluorescence, or electron microscopy. It can also be used to detect positive clones in monoclonal antibody production and is used in many other systems as a substitute for a biotinylated second antibody. In some applications, Biotinylated Protein A may bind to endogenous immunoglobulin in the tissue producing background. In others, it may not bind to the species or class of primary antibody being employed. As such, for routine IHC staining, biotinylated anti-immunoglobulins are recommended.


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VECTB2001 Protein A, Biotinylated (S. Aureus, Cowan strain), 1 mg 1MG
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