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Goat Anti-Human Mu Chain, Biotinylated

Product Description

  • Goat Anti-Human IgM Antibody, mu chain specific, Biotinylated, 0.5 mg, is prepared using proprietary immunization schedules that produce high-affinity antibodies. These are then purified by affinity chromatography to remove any low-affinity antibodies and by solid-phase adsorption techniques to remove cross-reactivities. Conjugation ensures the maximum degree of labeling without compromising antibody specificity or affinity. This antibody is subjected to rigorous QC and can be used for tissue and cell staining, ELISAs, and blots. Biotinylated Goat Anti-Human IgM Antibody, mu chain specific, is supplied in solution and is the same product as that included in VECTASTAIN ABC kits. This chain-specific antibody is produced specifically to distinguish between chains or classes of target immunoglobulins and has virtually no cross-reactivity with other immunoglobulin classes or other heavy or light chains.


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VECTBA3020 Goat Anti-Human IgM Antibody, mu chain specific, Biotinylated, 0.5 mg 500 µg
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