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Lectin Kit II, Biotinylated

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  • Biotinylated Lectin screening Kit II is designed to provide the investigator with a panel of seven lectins or lectin conjugates. The lectins have been selected to offer a variety of sugar specificities and are of the same high quality as the reagents offered individually.Each Kit II (BK-2100, FLK-3100) consists of 1 mg of the following lectins or lectin conjugates: GSL I, LCA, PHA-E, PHA-L, PSA, Succinylated WGA.These bioinylated conjugates are prepared from our affinity-purified lectins and are optimally labeled with biotin. Essentially free of inactive lectin conjugates and containing no free biotin, these biotinylated lectins provide ideal intermediates for examining glycoconjugates using the Biotin-Avidin/Streptavidin System. First a biotin-labeled lectin is added, followed by the VECTASTAIN ABC Reagent, Avidin D conjugate, or streptavidin derivative.


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VECTBK2100 Lectin Kit II, Biotinylated, 1 Kit KIT
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