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VectaFluor Duet Double Labeling Kit, DyLight® 594 Anti-Rabbit IgG, DyLight® 488 Anti-Mouse IgG

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  • VectaFluor Duet Immunofluorescence Double Labeling Kit, DyLight 594 Anti-Rabbit (red), DyLight 488 Anti-Mouse (green), 1 Kit. Ready-to-use (R.T.U.) format offers maximum convenience for fluorescence staining of cells and tissues. Robust cocktail formulation of DyLight anti-mouse IgG/anti-rabbit IgG secondary antibodies. Will detect both mouse and rabbit primary antibodies with green and red DyLight fluorescent dyes in a single step. Affinity-purified, ultrapure, high-affinity antibodies. Secondary detection reagent optimally labeled with DyLight dyes to provide the brightest label for fluorescence microscopy. Kit Contents: 15 ml 2.5% Normal Horse Serum (R.T.U.) for blocking; 15 ml VectaFluor Duet Reagent [DyLight594 Anti-Rabbit IgG and DyLight 488 Anti-Mouse IgG cocktail (rabbit-red, mouse-green)] made in horse, R.T.U. in 5% NHS. DyLight 488: Excitation max: 493 nm; Emission max: 518 nm; Color: Green. DyLight 594 : Excitation max: 593 nm; Emission max: 618 nm; Color: Red.


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VECTDK8828 VectaFluor Duet Immunofluorescence Double Labeling Kit, DyLight® 594 Anti-Rabbit (red), DyLight® 488 Anti-Mouse (green), 1 Kit Kit
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