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Glycoprotein Eluting Solution (Galactose/GalNAc)

Product Description

  • Glycoprotein Eluting Solution for Galactose/GalNAc Binding Lectins, 100 ml. Glycoproteins are frequently isolated and purified from protein mixtures using columns of agarose-bound lectins. After applying a protein mixture, the agarose-lectin column is washed free of unwanted proteins and the glycoprotein bound to the lectin is eluted with a sugar that inhibits binding. Unfortunately, achieving complete elution with a simple sugar solution can be difficult. Vector Laboratories has developed five Glycoprotein Elution Solutions in the neutral pH range that maximize the yield of eluted glycoproteins and preserve the activity of the agarose-bound lectins for repeated use. All components of these ready-to-use Glycoprotein Eluting Solutions can be subsequently removed by dialysis. These Glycoprotein Eluting Solutions offer researchers convenience and superior recovery over standard sugar solutions.


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VECTES2100 Glycoprotein Eluting Solution for Galactose/GalNAc Binding Lectins, 100 ml 100 mL
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