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M.O.M.® (Mouse on Mouse) Immunodetection Kit, Fluorescein

Product Description

  • M.O.M. (Mouse on Mouse) Immunodetection Kit, Fluorescein, 1 Kit. This kit is specifically designed to reduce endogenous mouse IgG staining when using mouse primary antibodies on mouse tissue. It contains a proprietary Mouse IgG Blocking Reagent, a M.O.M. Biotinylated Anti-Mouse Ig Reagent, and Fluorescein Avidin DCS and is based on a simple and easy-to-follow avidin/biotin protocol. Key advantages of the Vector M.O.M. Immunodetection Kits: Clear, crisp specific staining of antigens of interest; Based on VECTASTAIN ABC reagent protocols; Procedures are simple and easy to follow; No tedious calculations or antibody prebinding steps required. Kit Contents: 6 ml of M.O.M. Protein Concentrate, 1 ml M.O.M. Mouse Ig Blocking Reagent, 0.1 ml M.O.M. Biotinylated Anti-Mouse IgG Reagent, 0.4 ml Fluorescein Avidin DCS. This kit contains enough stock reagents to produce about 25 ml of working solution which is generally sufficient to stain approximately 250 tissue sections.


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VECTFMK2201 M.O.M.® (Mouse on Mouse) Immunodetection Kit, Fluorescein, 1 Kit Kit
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