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PHOTOPROBE® (Long Arm) Biotin, Nucleic Acid Labeling

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Product Description

  • PHOTOPROBE Biotin Reagents are nucleic acid labeling systems of choice for incorporating a label at multiple sites along the entire length of the nucleic acid. The nucleic acid labeling reaction does not destroy the original nucleic acid nor creates its copy. The integrity of the original sample is preserved. Single or double-stranded DNA, circular DNA, RNA, or PNA (peptide nucleic acid) can be labeled with the same reagents.
  • DNA/RNA labeling is based on aryl azide chemistry in which the reagent, when exposed to heat or light, becomes activated and incorporates into the nucleic acid without base specificity. The nucleic acid labeling reaction can be carried out using a mercury vapor bulb (sun lamp), a UV lamp which produces light in the 350 nm to 370 nm range, a halogen lamp, a heating block, or a thermal cycler providing the investigator with great flexibility in experimental design.
  • A distinct advantage of the simple setup in each of these labeling options is the ease and economy of scaling up.
  • PHOTOPROBE Biotin incorporates biotin in one reaction step. PHOTOPROBE (Long Arm) Biotin has an extra long linker arm and should be used if increased distance between the sample and the tag is needed. In a similar manner, PHOTOPROBE Amine incorporates primary amines into nucleic acids. These amino groups can subsequently be used to attach haptens, affinity tags, or fluorochromes, or to immobilize nucleic acids to a solid matrix.


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VECTSP1020 PHOTOPROBE® (Long Arm) Biotin for Nucleic Acid Labeling, 1 Kit KIT
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