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January 2019


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USA Scientific - FREE Pizza Party Promotion

It's back!

USA Scientific Pizza PromotionFor the cold Canadian winter months of January to March 2019, enjoy hot, delicious pizza on us!

Accumulate $500 in Purchases of USA Scientific Products from MJSBioLynx and Receive a $50 Pizza Gift Certificate*.

USA Scientific offers cell culture labware, pipets and tips, plates, tubes and much more.

Click here to order or to request a quote


Please reference Promotion Code US2019PZA.
Offer valid until March 31st, 2019.
$500 order value is after any applicable discounts or coupons and before taxes and shipping charges.
Limit: Two pizza parties per lab; Cannot be combined with other offers.
* Please note that if you are unable to accept our pizza gift we would be pleased to offer you a $50 voucher towards your next order of $100 or more of USA Scientific products (Coupon applied after taxes and shipping).  Coupons are valid until April 30th, 2019.


Vector Laboratories – Save 20% OFF VECTASHIELD® Vibrance™ Antifade Mounting Media

Vector Laboratories VECTASHIELD® Vibrance™ Antifade Mounting MediaVECTASHIELD™ Vibrance™ prevents rapid photobleaching of fluorescent proteins and fluorescent dyes on cell and tissue section preparations.  It is supplied as an aqueous, ready-to-use formulation which will cure (set) over several hours at room temperature to immobilize the coverslip. No further sealing of the coverslip is required.


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Offer valid until February 28th, 2019.
Promotion Code VECT5218.
Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.


Mirus Bio - Buy One Ingenio® Electroporation Solution, Get One FREE with Purchase of an Ingenio® EZporator® System

Mirus Bio Ingenio® EZporator® SystemIngenio® is a broad spectrum solution that supports high efficiency electroporation with minimal toxicity and replaces standard electroporation solutions including phosphate buffered saline and serum-free media. 

Purchase the new Ingenio® EZporator® System and take advantage of our Buy One Get One FREE offer on your first purchase of the Ingenio® Electroporation Solution.


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Promotion Code MIREZ19.
Offer valid on first purchase of the Ingenio® Solution or Kit after purchase of the Ingenio® EZporator® System.
Free product must be the same product number as the purchased product. 
Promotion is subject to change.

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abc biopply – 3D Cell Co-Culture Systemsabc biopply – 3D Cell Co-Culture Systems

With 3D CoSeedis™, abc biopply sets new standards in translational cell culture technologies. Their unique solutions are validated by experts to shorten the transition from basic to clinical research and from crude to defined experimental conditions.

3D CoSeedis™ is a novel scaffold-free 3D cell co-culture system. It consists of a unique conical agarose matrix array (CAMA) that allows the formation of spheroidal and non-spheroidal cell aggregates in a highly-reproducible and consistent manner. The conically shaped microwells within the array allow precise determination of aggregate volume and cell growth, and the 3D system allows for distance co-cultures.


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Mirus Bio - Ingenio® EZporator® Electroporation System

Mirus Bio Ingenio® EZporator® InstrumentEasy to use and cost effective electroporation system for high efficiency transfection of mammalian cells.

Electroporation is the method of choice for many hard-to-transfect cell types, and the Ingenio® EZporator® Electroporation System is a cost-effective, straightforward, open system that is perfect for any lab seeking performance without breaking the bank.

  • Performance: deliver any nucleic acid to hard-to-transfect, stem and primary cells
  • Simplicity: use a single, universal electroporation solution across all cell types
  • Flexibility: easily optimize electroporation parameters for each cell type
  • Every system comes with a complimentary Ingenio® Electroporation Kit (8 reactions) and an easy-to-use protocol

To make sure your experiments get off to a great start, we will include an eight reaction Ingenio® Electroporation Kit (including solution, cuvettes, and cell droppers for eight reactions) with every purchase of a new Ingenio® EZporator® Electroporation System.

See our promotion!

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YMC – SEC MAB Columns for Monoclonal Antibody Analysis

 YMC SEC MAB Columns for Monoclonal Antibody AnalysisThis silica-based size exclusion chromatography column is optimized for separating both aggregates and fragments of monoclonal antibodies. Additionally, it can be used for analyzing antibody drug conjugates by using organic-containing mobile phases which reduce hydrophobic interactions.

  • Excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility: Virtually no lot-to-lot variability providing excellent reproducibility for effective quality control methods.  Exhibits low non-specific adsorption with improved stability for long column lifetime.
  • Exceptional resolution: Provides competitive performance to similar 3µm SEC products currently available on the market. For both HMW and LMW species, resolution is significantly improved.
  • Designed for antibody sizing separations: Developed on a 3µm, 250Å pore size particle useful for separating aggregates from monomer, as well as providing increased resolution for lower molecular weight fragments.

Click here for more information.  (Link to YMC website)
Click here to order or request a quote.  (Link to Chromatographic Specialties Website)

YMC products are available to us through our Sister Company, Chromatographic Specialties Inc.
To simplify your purchasing process, Chromatographic Specialties Products can be purchased through MJSBioLynx, and vice versa.

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Matreya 2019/2020 Lipids CatalogueMatreya – 2019/2020 Lipids Catalogue

Matreya offers a wide range of high  purity  lipids  to  be  used  as  research  standards  in  the biotechnology  and  pharmaceutical  industries.

Click here to view online. (PDF only)



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Vector Laboratories – VECTASHIELD® Vibrance™ Mounting Media

Vector Laboratories LogoThis new formulation of VECTASHIELD® features improved ease of use and retention of specific staining intensity over time, as well as superior antifade/anti-photobleaching properties across the spectrum.

Click here to watch the video. (Link to YouTube)


Micronic - Screw Cap Recapper CS700

Micronic LogoThe Micronic Screw Cap Recapper CS700 offers users the ability to cap, decap or recap 96 tubes with Screw Caps in a single action. Designed to improve efficiency, the Micronic Screw Cap Recapper can be used as a stand-alone instrument or be simply integrated into a fully automated laboratory environment.

Click here to watch the video. (Link to YouTube)


NuGEN - Integrated NGS Library Prep and Quantification in a Single Workflow Webinar

NuGEN LogoIn this webinar, Dr. Richard Fekete discusses the benefits of NuQuant® library quantification over currently used methods for balanced pooling on Illumina sequencers.

Click here for the webinar. (Link to NuGEN website)

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ASSOCIATES OF CAPE COD INCORPORATED™ - Bioburden Contamination Control: A Holistic Overview

American Pharmaceutical Review™ article re-publication.Associates of Cape Cod Inc. Logo

Bioburden contamination control is a critical aspect of pharmaceutical, medical device and personal care  product  manufacturing  and  one  that  is  a  primary  focus  of  cGMP.  This  article  will  attempt  to provide  an  overview  of  contamination  control  from  a  holistic  perspective,  discussing  this  control  system as a process with different aspects of validation, control and monitoring, each contributing to the final state of control.

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EpiCypher - Peptide or Nucleosome? dCypher™ Reveals the Optimal Substrate for Histone PTM Analyses

EpiCypher LogoHistone ‘reader’ proteins contain evolutionarily conserved domains that bind to specific histone post-translational modifications (PTMs). These proteins have been shown to regulate diverse cellular processes via recruitment of epigenetic complexes or chromatin modifying / remodeling enzymes. Histone readers are an untapped wealth of information that underlie the foundation of chromatin regulation and could be used to advance therapeutics, diagnostics, and even personalized medicine.

Click here to read more. (Link to EpiCypher website)

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MJS BioLynx 2019 Lynx Calendar Our 2019 Lynx Calendar is Now Available!

Our lynx calendar is back for 2019!  We've hunted out some of the cutest feline images to grace the walls of your lab for another year.

Contact us to request your copy.



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MJS BioLynx Well Being Logo Science Says You Should Embrace Hugging

“When a loved one has a tough day, you probably give them a hug without a second thought. And a new study says that simple act may have a larger effect than you realize.”

Click here to read more.  (Link to TIME website)
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