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Thaw Time Comparisons of BOX Scientific's Three Thawing Stations

BOX Scientific’s ambient air convection based thawing platforms have become the new standard for procedural sample thawing.

From benchtop units to high capacity platforms, you can safely reduce your thawing time by up to 75% without making any compromise.

Station One – Benchtop, thawing capacity of:  2 tube racks; 52 microtubes;
24 mid-sized; or 10 large conical tubes
Heliport Rack Thawing Station – Complete thawing of up to 11 tube racks in as little as 15 minutes
Heliport Plus
– With heating feature for thawing samples stored in DMSO

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Vector® Laboratories – Lectins Application and Resource Guide

Learn how lectins can be applied as valuable tools in your research. This guide features 12 applications using lectins, including general procedures, images, over 100 published references, tables highlighting lectin sugar specificity, properties and structures, use of lectins in coronavirus research and much more.

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Vector® Laboratories – Human on Human (H.O.H.) Immunodetection White Paper

Human or humanized antibodies are increasingly being used to treat cancer, autoimmune disease, and other disease conditions. A key step in therapeutic antibody development is confirming that the antibody binds to the intended target in human tissues. In this paper, a novel immunohistochemical technology, the Human on Human (H.O.H.) Immunodetection Kit, is discussed and compared to other techniques.

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Sequence Biotech, LLC – Pipetting DMSO with the Precision Plus Series Pipettor

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MagBio – HighPrep™ Viral DNA/RNA Kit Optimized for COVID-19 RNA Isolation

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Micronic 2020 Catalog

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Crosstex – Monitoring Products for Ethylene Oxide

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NEW - USA Scientific Catalogue

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to view their Winter/Spring 2020 Catalogue.

Matreya LLC

Matreya LLC Overview
Learn about what Matreya LLC, a lipid biochemical company, has to offer you!

Biotinylated Sphingolipid Standards
Learn about Matreya’s line of biotinylated sphingolipids featuring a biotin label that allows for easy attachment of the sphingolipid to streptavidin/avidin proteins for help binding to substrates and toxin detection. Matreya is able to use the biotin label to achieve a more natural protein with very specific binding properties.

Fluorescent Galactosylceramides
Galactosylceramides are the major glycosphingolipids in the nervous system, found primarily in neuronal tissues. They are prevalent in biological activities such as cell agglutination, intracellular communication, and cellular development.

Glucocerebroside Standards for Gaucher Disease Research
Glucocerebroside is an important component of skin lipids, specifically in the lamellar body formation and in maintaining the water permeability barrier. It is significant due to its function as the biosynthetic precursor of lactosylceramide.

Natural and Synthetic Phospholipids
Phospholipids are primarily known as the main component of lipid bilayers in membranes, however they are also important cellular messengers, enzyme activators, and more.

Sphingolipidoses Pathways
Graphically illustrated sphingolipidoses pathways.

Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry Standards for Glycosphingolipids
Stable isotope molecules can easily be detected by mass spectrometry.

Deuterated Gangliosides for Mass Spectrometry
Deuterated gangliosides are ideal for the identification of natural gangliosides in samples and biological systems using mass spectrometry.

Ganglioside Structures
Graphically illustrated ganglioside structures.

Skin Lipids
Matreya is pleased to offer an extensive line of highly purified skin ceramides for analyzing and researching the complex human stratum corneum.

Sphingolipid Lysosomal Storage Diseases
View the main sphingolipidoses pathways detailing their associated enzyme deficiencies and excess sphingolipid production.

Vector Laboratories – Updated IHC Guide

Vector Laboratories has released their latest immunohistochemistry guide with the most up-to-date information to aid you in creating your most advanced workflow yet.

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Vector Laboratories – ImmPRESS® Polymer Reagents for IHC

Learn about enzyme polymer-based IHC detection systems and discover the advantages for your applications.  Looking for consistency and reproducibility? Explore the Vector ImmPRESS® Kits and see how they fit into your workflow.

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Hycult Biotech – Mucosal Immunology, ELISA Kits, Gastroenterology

Mucosal Immunology
Hycult Biotech provides information on their newest technologies in the mucosal immunology field including products such as ELISA kits, antibodies, proteins, and other specific biomarkers.

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Hycult Biotech provides information on their cutting-edge ELISA kits.  Products are sorted by categories which include complements, LPS and microbial toxins, Granulocyte and lymphocyte proteins, inflammation, and cell damage and toxicity.

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Hycult Biotech provides information on gastroenterology, intestinal damage and the intestinal barrier, as well as a list of related research products.

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abc biopply – Viability and Cytotoxicity Testing with 3D CoSeedis™

Cytotoxicity testing is an important step in assessing the susceptibility or resistance of the test cells to various treatments.  3D CoSeedis™ from abc biopply provides advanced methods to distinguish live from dead cells using two-colour fluorescence detection.

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Mirus – Generate High Antibody Titers Like a PRO! Introducing...NEW CHOgro® High Yield Expression System

See how the new CHOgro® High Yiled Expression System outperforms the ExpiCHO Expression System. The new CHOgro® system is the most advanced and cost-effective transient transfection system for high-yield protein production in suspension CHO cells.

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Vector Laboratories – New Immunofluorescence Brochure

Producing immunofluorescence (IF) staining results with high specificity and sensitivity begins with choosing the best reagents. 
This updated guide will help you:

  • Learn about the IF workflow and how to optimize each step
  • Quickly identify and choose the most appropriate fluorescent secondary conjugates
  • Select the best anti-fade medium to preserve your fluorescence signal for imaging and archiving

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Vector Laboratories – Simplify you IHC Workflow using Comprehensive Staining Kits

By offering individual kits with essential IHC workflow components in prediluted, ready-to-use formats, end-users are empowered with more consistent results through reduction of assay variables, avoiding the uncertainty of using mismatched reagents and ultimately saving time.

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Finneran-Porvair – Porvair Sciences Genomics Plate Perfect for Cannabis Analysis

Porvair Sciences reports on a highly effective protocol, using its Plant Genomics microplate, for preparing cannabis samples for analysis of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD).

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Matreya – March 2019 Newsletter for Glyco/Spingolipid Research

In this issue:  Gangliosides and Cancer, Sulfatides in Alzheimer's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis, Anti-GD2, and CTH and Shiga toxin

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Micronic – Labware Performance at -196°C

Micronic routinely conducts research on the stability of its products in low, ultra-low and cryogenic temperatures. A frequent stability analysis ensures a safe and reliable recognition of Micronic products among its customers.  In order to examine the stability of racked Micronic 1.40ml tubes with external thread in vapor phase LN2, a freeze-thaw test was performed.

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Matreya – January 2019 Newsletter for Glyco/Sphingolipid Research

In this issue:  Interactions of ceramides and proteins; Sulfatides in metachromatic leukodystrophy

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Matreya – 2019/2020 Lipids Catalogue

Matreya 2019/2020 Lipids Catalogue Matreya offers a wide range of high purity lipids to be used as research
standards in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical  industries.

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Matreya – August 2018 Newsletter for Glyco/Sphingolipid Research

In this issue: Fucosyl-GM1 is a tumor-associated antigen, O-Acetyl gangliosides in tumor cells, lyso-sphingomyelin as a biomarker for Niemann-Pick Disease, glucosylsphingosine as a biomarker Gaucher Disease.


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