New Products

Micronic – Screw Cap Ultra for Tubes with Internal Thread

The O-ring of the cap falls within the tube, creating a "hard" stop. This design enhances automated and manual handling (closure does not depend on the closing force of the cap but on fixed pressure) while also optimizing sealing performance.

  • Compatible with the Micronic Screw Cap Recappers and other automated systems
  • Available in 4 different premium ''pearl'' colours: blue, yellow, light green and red
  • Ideal for sample storage at ultra-low temperatures or for sample transportation
  • High-quality silicon O-ring
  • Resists chemical solvents
  • Certified class 7 clean room production
  • RNase/DNase and Pyrogen free

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Platypus Technologies – Silver Coated Substrates

  • Silver coated silicon wafers, microscope slides and coverslips
  • Fabrication in cleanroom environment
  • Electron beam deposition for thigh control of film thickness
  • 99.99% pure silver
  • Optional titanium adhesion layer
  • Custom silver coated products are available

Applications include:

  • Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)
  • Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAMs)
  • High Reflectivity Mirrors
  • Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Electrochemistry
  • High Performance Printed Electrodes
  • Sensor and Biosensors

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G-Biosciences – Wild Type Purified Membrane Proteins

Wild type purified membrane proteins are isolated by patented technology that allows for the isolation in solution of full length and pure to highly pure membrane proteins.  These include GPCRs, ion channels, transporters, receptors and viral proteins.  These purified membrane proteins retain their structural and functional integrity and purification does not utilize refolding steps or mutagenesis.


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Micronic Screw Cap Recapper CS500, CS510, and CS520

Developed in conjunction with several leading laboratories, these Screw Cap Recappers offer the ability to cap, decap or recap a row of tubes in less than 5 seconds and a whole rack in only 1 minute.  This is 10 times faster than by hand and it helps to improves productivity.

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Each screw cap is reproducibly tightened securely and uniformly for an optimal sealing performance
  • Cycle time: caps a row of 8, 6 or 4 tubes in 4 seconds and a whole rack of 96, 48 or 24 tubes within 45-60 seconds
  • No need for battery recharging, available to use once plugged in


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EpiCypher - EpiTriton™ Histone Peptide Array

Designed for rapid and high-throughput screening of effector protein, antibody and enzyme interactions with a comprehensive library of combinatorially-modified and biotinylated histone peptides immobilized on a streptavidin-coated glass slide. The peptides encompass over 296 unique modifications on the four core histones (H2A, H2B, H3 and H4) and several histone variants.  Every Array contains more than 292 histone peptides spotted 12 times each for high quality detection and analysis of antibody or protein binding or enzyme activity.

  • Examine the selectivity and specificity of histone modification antibodies
  • Analyze the specificity of histone binding proteins
  • Identify substrates for histone-modifying enzymes


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Heathrow Scientific – Mini Vortexer

  • Made from durable ABS and silicone materials to resist most commonly used chemicals
  • Can be used with tubes ranging from 2 mL to 50 mL
  • Low profile design and small footprint (only 4.3” wide) save valuable space on a bench top and in fume hoods
  • Rapid vortex action saves time and enables quick mixing of samples
  • Easy one-handed touch start operation and shaking stops when the tube is lifted
  • Maintenance free design and 3 year warranty help reduce the cost of ownership
  • Quiet operation and low vibration on the vortex machine helps users stay focused


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Micronic – Hybrid Coded Tubes with External Thread

A versatile and unique combination of 4 codes on one tube:

  1. White blank surface to write your own sample info
  2. Numeric human-readable on the tube side wall
  3. 1D Barcode on the tube side wall
  4. 2D Data-Matrix code on the tube bottom


  • White bottom and side walls cannot be separated from the transparent tube due to a unique injection molding technique
  • 1D, 2D and human-readable codes are permanently laser-etched into the white surfaces
  • Triple start thread for optimal sealing quality
  • Improved sample integrity due to external thread (cross-contamination is minimized)
  • Thick tube walls and sturdy design for storage in ultra-low temperatures
  • Code surface has a raised edge to protect the 2D code
  • Produced in certified class-7 clean rooms


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Mirus Bio – TransIT® Lentivirus System

The TransIT® Lentivirus System combines the novel technologies of the TransIT®-Lenti Transfection Reagent with the Lentivirus Packaging Mix Powered by MISSION®. Titers of 108 can be achieved with an optimized protocol.

  • Produce 2-3x higher functional titers than Lipofectamine® 2000 & 3000
  • Achieve even higher titers and eliminate the need to concentrate
  • No media change required, single harvest


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Hycult Biotech - Alternative Complement Pathway Mouse and Pig ELISAs

  • Measures the alternative pathway activity mediated via LPS
  • Complement deficiencies or other defects in the complement system can easily be screened by running an assay for each pathway in parallel or separately
  • Contains a positive control* which can be used as control to ensure that the alternative complement cascade has run completely


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*This positive control cannot be used to determine the level of activation between batches. Hycult Biotech advises to include your own reference sample for 100% complement activity and negative control to determine the level of activation of your samples. Beware that complement activity levels are strain dependent and might be affected by the way the samples are collected and processed.

Heathrow – Dual Purpose Lab Scoop

  • A unique economical solution that combines the function of a scoop and a weigh boat into one product
  • Made from anti-static polystyrene that is waterproof and reduces the chance of materials sticking to the scoop
  • Ships and stores flat and when ready to use, is easy to assemble by inserting the locking tab into the hole

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NuGEN – Celero™ DNA-Seq Library System

  Celero™ DNA-Seq is an innovative library system designed to help researchers streamline library preparation for Illumina sequencers. Celero™ features a fast, easy-to-use, addition-only workflow that eliminates post-ligation bead purification. Also included is NuGEN's breakthrough quantitation method, NuQuant™, that saves both time and cost in measuring library concentration for pooling. With the proven DimerFree technology you can use from 10 ng to 1 μg of intact DNA and greater than 200 ng of FFPE DNA with a single kit without the worry of GC bias.

  • Faster library prep with reduced hands-on time: No adaptor or template dilution and no post- ligation purification
  • One kit, two workflows: PCR and PCR-free can be performed with the same kit, providing flexibility and reducing the number of kits that need to be purchased and stored
  • Simplified library pooling: NuQuant provides molarity without the need for costly and time-consuming methods


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Biosensing Instrument – SPRm 200 Surface Plasmon Resonance Microscopy System

Simultaneous optical imaging with SPR measurements.

The Surface Plasmon Resonance Microscopy (SPRM) system integrates optical microscopy and SPR to offer a powerful technique for measuring the binding activities of membrane proteins in vitro.  It allows the simultaneous measurement of phenotypical changes of the sample via bright field and binding strength and kinetics via SPR.

  • Integrated optical microscopy with SPR Bright-field and SPR microscopy in one instrument. Large field of view with high resolution optics to view single or multiple cells
  • In vitro and label-free binding activities mapping Provides SPR sensorgrams and binding activity map of individual cells as well as the binding kinetic constants (ka, kd, KD)
  • Nanometer scaled binding response of virus, bacteria and nanoparticles Nanomotion detection study of bacteria or virus metabolic activity or binding activities of nanoparticles for drug delivery designs


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Hycult Biotech - Proteinase 3 and sCD59 ELISA Kits

Proteinase 3: only for ANCA-associated vasculitis?

The Proteinase 3 enzyme, also known as PRTN3 or PR3, is a serine protease that is mainly expressed by neutrophil granulocytes.

Studies in the eighties and nineties already suggest an interaction between PR3 and emphysema, but also with an enhanced platelet response. A recent study underlines that PR3 is one of the key regulators in Wegener granulomatosis (GPA), which is one of the variants of ANCA-associated vasculitis. Besides inducing other auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and glomerulonephritis, a 2017 study established that the interaction between PR3 and RAGE (a cell surface receptor expressed on malignant cells) mediates homing and metastasis of prostate cancer cells to the bone marrow.

Even though a majority of studies using PR3 are historically related to vasculitis, there is an unprecedented number of autoimmune diseases and interactions within tumor immunology where the role of PR3 still has to be determined.

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sCD59: from inflammation to transplantation.

CD59, also known as the MAC-inhibitory protein, is a complement regulatory glycoprotein that inhibits membrane attack complex formation by preventing C9 from polymerizing. The soluble form of CD59 can be detected in a variety of body fluids and is associated with a range of different conditions. A paper from 1995 for example describes the role of CD59 in glomerulonephritis and in that same year there was a paper discussing the therapeutic potential of CD59 in inflammatory diseases.

Historically there have also been scientific articles specifying the role of this protein in relation to myocardial infarction, carcinoma, PNH and macular degeneration. The glycated form of CD59 also shows to be a useful marker for diabetes. Recent insights have further demonstrated that the soluble form of CD59 plays an important role in allograft rejection after transplantation. All these findings combined confirm that CD59 is a versatile regulatory protein that will remain a relevant target for scientific exploration of complement-mediated conditions.

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Labnet - C0336 and C0336R High Performance Centrifuges

These high performance centrifuges are capable of high speed operation, expanding their use to applications in molecular biology and basic research.

  • Max Speed:90 - 18,000 rpm, step 1 RPM
  • Max RCF: 24,270 x g, step 1 x g
  • Max Volume:500 mL
  • Temperature Range (C0336R):-20C to +40C, step 1C
  • Maintenance-free induction motor
  • 100 user programs
  • Continuous and short time operation modes
  • Programming of multi-segment acceleration and deceleration characteristics
  • Password protection


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NEW PRODUCTS FROM OUR SISTER COMPANY - Chromatographic Specialties Inc. - Knauer Azura® SMB for Multi-column or Batch LC

  • Modular system designed to separate biomolecules or small molecules
  • Upgrade kits allow other configurations to be implemented easily such as batch configuration or the addition of a column thermostat
  • The PurityChrom® MCC software provides an interactive visualization of the installed system, giving you the opportunity to keep track of all important parameters

The ability to add more modules to the system as needed (such as pumps, valves, or detectors) and control all different operating modes with the same software makes it easy to handle and avoids compatibility issues that might arise when using heterogeneous system environments and configurations. Training effort is also minimized with the AZURA solution.


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Knauer products are available to us through our sister company, Chromatographic Specialties Inc.

G-Biosciences – Mitochondrial Assays

TMRE Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Assay quantifies changes in mitochondrial membrane potential of live cells via microplate fluorometry.  Cells with active mitochondria can be stained with TMRE in under 30 minutes.

JC-1 Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Assay comprise of lipophilic cationic fluorescent dye; 5,5,6,6’-tetrachloro-1,1’,3,3’-tetraethylbenzimi-dazoylcarbocyanine iodide (JC-1), that forms aggregates in mitochondria of healthy cells emitting bright red fluorescence.  Stains live cells in under 30 minutes.


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Platypus Technologies – Gold-coated Silicon Wafers

Platypus Technologies uses only 99.999% pure gold and titanium in their coating process, and coat only those substrates that are stable under high vacuum. This eliminates concerns about contamination from previous coating runs.

  • 4" diameter 525 um thickness silicon wafer
  • 50 nm of gold over a Titanium adhesion layer


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Vector Laboratories - TrueVIEW™ Autofluorescence Quenching Kit

Vector® TrueVIEW Quencher uses a unique, patent-pending quenching agent to specifically bind and quench autofluorescent elements from non-lipofuscin sources, even in the most problematic tissues.

  • Specific reduction of autofluorescence
  • Improved signal-to-noise ratio
  • Easy-to-use, one-step protocol
  • Quick 5 min incubation
  • Compatibility with a wide selection of fluorophores
  • Compatibility with standard epifluorescence and confocal laser microscopes

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Mirus Bio – TransIT®-VirusGEN™ Transfection Reagent for Recombinant Adeno-associated Virus Production

Designed to enhance delivery of packaging and transfer vectors to adherent and suspension HEK 293T cell types and increase recombinant adeno-associated virus (AAV) and lentivirus production.

  • Reliable – Consistent high virus titer production
  • Scalable – Efficient across different formats
  • Flexible – Address different virus and cell culture systems


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Jena Bioscience – XP Screen – The Protein Crystal Glue

The Anderson−Evans polyoxotungstate [TeW6O24]6− (TEW) is a universal and flexible additive for protein crystallization. With its planar structure and a central tellurium atom, it is able to stabilize flexible regions in proteins and provides an anomalous signal for phasing.  The new XP Screen contains TEW in 96 of the most prominent crystallization conditions, providing an environment for TEW to improve crystallization and crystal diffraction quality especially for challenging targets.

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Micronic – Tracxer Software Update

In order to make sure that your Tracxer Code Reader keeps running smoothly, please update the software by downloading the new version. Applicable for the Tracxer Code Reader RS297, RS210 (CRYO) and RD235.  

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NuGEN – Allegro Targeted Genotyping Metaplex Module

Scale up to thousands of samples per flow cell and reduce sequencing costs on SNP genotyping.

The Allegro Metaplex Module enables batch barcoding of libraries to rapidly scale to high levels of multiplexing for targeted genotyping applications. Coupled with probe design that provides a SNP call from every read, the Allegro system enables the lowest sequencing costs available for genotyping applications.

The module provides 16 unique index2 barcodes that, when combined with the Allegro 192-plex configuration, can enable preparation of 3072 uniquely barcoded libraries. The index2 barcodes are applied to each 24-sample pool during PCR amplification to simplify the workflow.


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Biomatrica - LBgard® Blood Tubes

Robust cfDNA collection for liquid biopsy and NIPT

  • No DNA damage
  • Best limit of detection in NGS and ddPCR
  • Proven compatibility with methylation marker testing
  • Highest cfDNA and CTC recovery
  • Resistant to shipping stress with minimal plasma loss


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EpiCypher - SNAP-ChIP™ Sample Normalization and Antibody Profiling for ChIP

SNAP-ChIP uses DNA barcoded recombinant designer nucleosomes (dNucs) as next-generation spike-ins for Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP). The first product in this family (the K-MetStat, or lysine-methylation status panel) consists of a pool of dNucs carrying fifteen well-studied histone lysine methyl marks and an unmodified control. EpiCypher's K-MetStat panel can easily be added to any ChIP workflow without altering the protocol. However, users can monitor antibody specificity and evaluate technical variability within a ChIP or ChIP-seq experiment for the first time, setting SNAP-ChIP apart from any other spike-in controls (i.e. Drosophila) currently available.



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NuGEN - Unique Indexing Solutions for Illumina’s High Capacity Sequencing Platforms

NuGEN’s Unique Dual Indexes are designed to enable researchers to take full advantage of the latest generation of Illumina sequencers.   They detect index hopping, a sequencing phenomenon that can lead to mis-assignment of reads to the incorrect sample. Use of an additional index can enable the detection and eliminate mis-assigned reads from a dataset. This is particularly critical in applications that require high sensitivity, and improves accuracy of sample assignment in any experiment. Index hopping has been shown to occur at a higher frequency in patterned flow cell sequencing platforms, such as the HiSeq 3000, HiSeq 4000, NovaSeq.

The Unique Dual Indexes are conveniently configured in a pre-plated format as 96 unique barcode pairs, so manual preparation of barcode pairs is completely eliminated. Simply add the adaptor to the sample and ligate, and each sample will have index1 and index2 barcodes that are completely unique from all other samples in the plate.

This feature is currently available for the Ovation® Ultralow System V2 for DNA-Seq library preparation, and for the Universal Plus mRNA-Seq and Trio RNA-Seq system for preparation of RNA-Seq libraries. Solutions for the Methyl-Seq product line will also be available soon.

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Heathrow Scientific – Universal Pipette Wall Mount

The pipette holder comes with two wall mounting brackets that can hold two pipettes each and is supplied with different colored upper and lower segments, that easily slide into place. This enables labs to color code their pipette holders for quick identification purposes, or a user can personalize the holder in the colors of their choice.

Once mounted, the pipette holder can securely hold virtually every known brand of pipette. Inserts on the upper segments can be added or removed to accommodate the fit of various pipette widths. One handed removal or replacement of pipettes is made easy with the segments unique design that includes traction grips that help center and hold the pipettes in a vertical position which helps eliminate potential contamination.

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Micronic – Tissue Tubes with External Threads

Designed with special features for the storage of fresh frozen tissue, these tissue tubes have a wide opening for easy loading and are shallow for the removal of tissue samples using tweezers.  Of course, liquid samples can also be securely stored in these new tubes.

  • Triple start screw thread for optimal sealing quality
  • Improved sample integrity due to external thread
  • Thick tube walls, sturdy design
  • Excellent properties for low temperature storage
  • Code surface has a raised edge to protect the 2D code
  • Black code surface cannot be separated from the transparent tube

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HumanZyme – HumanKine® Interferon Beta

High-quality, tag-free, Xeno- and animal product-free recombinant human IFN beta expressed from HEK293 cells.

The glycosylation of IFN beta has been shown to be essential to its activity and stability, both in vitro and in vivo. IFN beta expressed in human cells assures native processing, glycosylation and folding, preserving its biologic function and activity.  

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Anatrace – Super Heparin Agarose HP Resin

Fast, reliable and high quality affinity purification.

Immobilized heparin is used to purify native or recombinant proteins eg. enzymes such as lipases, plasma coagulation proteins, lipoproteins, growth factors, nucleic acid binding proteins such as transcription factors, DNA & RNA polymerase, hormone receptors, serine proteases inhibitors and extracellular matrix proteins such as fibronectin, laminin and collagens etc.

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Hycult Biotech - New Antibodies and Proteins for Immunity Research

Hycult is continuously developing new antibodies and proteins for research in innate immunity, inflammation, complement pathways and more.  Here are their newest products:

Click here for a complete list of new products added to the Hycult portfolio in 2017. 

Heathrow Scientific – Pearl Pipette Starter Kit

A convenient kit for new labs or for customers looking for a new set of pipettors covering the most commonly used volumes.

Pearl Pipettes were specifically engineered for ease of use and comfort. The sleek, ergonomic design and reduced plunger pressure help reduce the chance of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI), as the pipettes require 2/3 the operation pressure of most standard pipettes. Each pipette is tested in accordance with standards and a calibration certificate is supplied. Manufactured in accordance with ISO08655 and GLP regulations.

The kit includes 3 single channel Pearl Pipettes (2 – 20µL; 20 – 200µL; 100 – 1000µL), a Universal Carousel Pipette Stand and 5 Reagent Reservoirs-all at a VALUE PRICE!


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Vector Laboratories - ImmPRESS™ Duet Double Staining Polymer Kits

This kit enables fast, well-defined localization and visualization of two different target antigens on the same tissue section. Utilizing Vector’s unique ImmPRESS™ micropolymer chemistry, they independently conjugate highly-active horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and alkaline phosphatase (AP) enzyme polymers to anti-mouse IgG and anti-rabbit IgG affinity-purified, highly cross-adsorbed secondary antibodies. These reagents are then blended at optimized dilutions to provide a stable pre-diluted, ready-to-use HRP/AP formula that will detect mouse and rabbit primary antibodies, and facilitate a time-saving, simplified, one-step double label detection protocol. For maximum sensitivity and staining contrast between target antigens, ImmPACT™ DAB EqV (HRP, brown) and ImmPACT™ Vector® Red (AP, magenta) substrates are included to complete this easy to use staining kit.

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EpiCypher – EpiDyne™ Nucleosome Remodeling Substrate

Defined nucleosome substrates to study disease-relevant ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling complexes.

Nucleosome remodeling regulates DNA access on chromatin and thus impacts gene expression and genome repair. Many ATP-dependent remodeling enzymes are associated with human disease but are challenging targets to study biochemically due to the requirement for nucleosome-based substrates. EpiCypher has addressed this need by developing EpiDyne™ recombinant nucleosome substrates to monitor nucleosome remodeling activity in vitro.

Technical Note: Nucleosome Remodeling Assay by Restriction Enzyme Accessibility

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Labnet – Digital Dry Baths

  • Single, dual and four block capacity
  • Broad temperature range up to 150°C, which makes them useful for a variety of applications in molecular biology, histology, clinical, environmental, and industrial laboratories
  • Two bright LED displays for quick reference of temperature and cycle time
  • USB connectivity enables traceability of data

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AthenaES – PiCOEXPLORER™ Handheld Photometer

  • A low-cost portable analytical tool
  • Suitable for quantitative colorimetric or optical density measurements
  • Controlled through wireless communication to a tablet, smartphone or other mobile device
  • No special cuvettes needed - assays can be performed in a close tube, thereby reducing the potential for contamination or spillage

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Sunrise Science Products – Yeast Media Building Tool

Sunrise offers hundreds of selective and non-selective yeast media formulations.  Their commitment to customization makes it easy to change or remove sugars, nitrogen, amino acids, salts, metals or anything else. Use the Build Media Tool on the Sunrise website to modify an existing media formula, or build your own from scratch. 

Click here for the Build Media Tool (Link to Sunrise Website)

Mirus – Label IT® MFP488 Nucleic Acid Labeling Reagent

MFP488 provides a more robust option for nucleic acid labeling than traditional fluorescein methods.

  • High Photostability – Facilitates longer time for observation and image capture
  • Widespread Instrument Compatibility – Spectrally similar to fluorescein
  • Stable at Low pH – Fluorescence is maintained over a broad range (pH 4-9)

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Click Image to Enlarge:  Label IT® MFP488 Labeled Plasmid DNA is More Resistant to the Effects of Low pH as Compared to Label IT® Fluorescein Labeled Plasmid DNA. Plasmid DNA was labeled at a low density, 1 label per 65 bp, using Label IT® MFP488 or Label IT® Fluorescein Nucleic Acid Labeling Kits. Purified DNA was subsequently diluted in various pH buffers (50 mM HEPES, pH 8, 100 mM MES, pH 5.4, and 100 mM MES, pH 3). Fluorescence was measured using a Tecan Genios Fluorometer and normalized to the respective control measured at 50 mM HEPES, pH 8.

Micronic – 0.30mL 2D-Coded Tubes with External Thread

  • 0.30mL tubes with a working volume of 0.21mL
  • Available in bulk or Micronic 96-1 Rack
  • Compatible with the Univo range of Screw Cap Recappers.
  • External threads eliminate the possibility of the sample coming into contact with the screw thread, minimizing chances of cross-contamination while improving sample integrity
  • Caps available in 6 different color

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NuGEN – Trio RNA-Seq

Trio RNA-Seq provides a highly sensitive whole transcriptomics solution that is ideally suited for applications with low abundance transcripts, such as detection of viral transcripts or biomarker assessment in liquid biopsy samples.

  • Consistent performance from wide input range - High quality data from as low as 500 pg
  • Unbiased transcript coverage
  • Excellent results from FFPE and/or degraded samples

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Hycult Biotech – Pig Complement Pathway Assays

The Pig Classical and Lectin Complement Pathway ELISAs are easy-to-use and specific per pathway by making use of a combination of specialized coatings and buffers. Complement deficiencies or other defects in the complement system can easily be screened by running an assay for each pathway in parallel or separately.  The pig platform is ideal for use as a model for transplantation research.

  • Classical Complement Pathway
  • Lectin Complement Pathway

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Jena Bioscience - Linker-optimized Cy3- and Cy5-modified dUTPs

Labeling of DNA probes for in situ hybridization is most often performed by enzymatic incorporation of labeled dUTP using Taq DNA polymerase.  The new linker-optimized Cy3- and Cy5-modified dUTPs possess a longer linker resulting in higher labeling efficiencies at similar substitution rates.

  • Recommended for direct enzymatic labeling of DNA/cDNA e.g. by PCR and Nick Translation
  • Incorporated as substitute for its natural counterpart dTTP
  • The resulting Dye-labeled DNA/cDNA probes are ideally suited for fluorescence hybridization applications such as FISH or microarray-based gene expression profiling

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NuGEN - Universal Plus mRNA-Seq

Universal Plus mRNA-Seq is a comprehensive solution for mRNA sequencing with the unique option to eliminate unwanted transcripts from the library. 

  • Broad dynamic input range from 1 ug to as low as 10 ng, enables access to previously inaccessible low input samples
  • Efficient library construction with minimal adaptor dimers enabled by proprietary DimerFree technology
  • Customizable transcript depletion with AnyDeplete maximizes informative data from mRNA sequencing

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Micronic – TPE Push Caps RB

In addition to the current TPE Push Caps, which are manufactured from Medical approved material (USP Class VI certificate), Micronic now launches the TPE Push Caps RB in a Capcluster-96 and Capband-8 format. Since the raw material used for the TPE Push Caps RB does not have to meet the medical grade standards, this product is a highly cost effective solution for most research applications. These caps are currently only available in 'Natural'.

  • Manufactured and assembled in a certified Class 7 Clean Room
  • RNase/DNase/Pyrogen free
  • Reliable delivery times
  • Superior sealing down to -80°C
  • Minimal evaporation
  • Compatible with manual and electric Push Cap equipment

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Vector Laboratories – Cyanine Dye Conjugated Lectins

  • More robust and intense fluorescence compared with Vector’s existing traditional fluorophore conjugates
  • Intended to be used to identify glycoprotein expression on cells and tissue sections
  • Applications therefore include immunofluorescence and flow cytometry

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Image: Colon (FFPE): Antigen retrieved with Antigen Unmasking Solution, stained with Cy5 Sambucus Nigra Lectin (SNA; fuchsia). DAPI counterstain (blue).

Heathrow Scientific – Low Temp PCR Rack 96 Well

  • Unique sliding lid that flips to become a stand
  • Ambidextrous lid can be switched to accommodate left or right orientation
  • Closed base design helps samples stay cold longer
  • Can be used for freezer storage down to -80°C
  • Holds 0.2mL tubes or tube strips

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Vector Laboratories - VectaFluor™ Duet Immunofluorescence Double Labeling Kits

  • Ready-to-use format offers maximum convenience to achieve immunofluorescence double labeling in one step.
  • Kit includes a detection reagent that will detect mouse and rabbit primary antibodies with green and red DyLight® fluorescent dyes in a single step.
  • Affinity purified, extensively cross-adsorbed secondary antibodies are conjugated to DyLight® dyes in a manner that ensures maximum degree of labeling without compromising antibody affinity or specificity.
  • Compatible with fluorescence staining of cells and tissues.

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MagBio - cfKapture™ 21 Isolation Kit for Circulating Cell-free DNA (ccfDNA) from Stabilized Plasma

  • Allows plasma sample storage at room temperature for 21 days before processing
  • Not necessary to rush plasma purification.  Large volume users can separate plasma and process samples without plasma sample degradation.
  • Efficient ccfDNA isolation – No carrier RNA
  • Can be used with any blood collection tube (Streck BCT, PAXGene cfDNA tubes, EDTA).  For best results, use in conjunction with Blood STASIS™ 21-ccfDNA tubes.

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MagBio - Blood STASIS™ 21-ccfDNA Blood Collection Tubes

  • Room temperature sample transport and storage for up to 21 days
  • Stabilization of circulating cell-free DNA (ccfDNA)
  • Direct draw blood tube for collection, stabilization, transport and storage

The Blood STASIS™ 21-ccfDNA is a plastic, evacuated tube used for collection, anti-coagulation, stabilization, transport, and storage of venous whole blood as well as the preservation of circulating cell-free DNA (ccfDNA).


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Jena Bioscience - Short LCP Lipids for Membrane Protein Crystallization

Crystallization in the Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) has evolved into an important method for crystallization of membrane proteins, with the lipid Monoolein being the first choice to create a stable LCP. In the past few years however, the short lipids (7.7 MAG, 7.8 MAG, 7.9 MAG) have become increasingly popular and the recent progress in applying the highly viscous lipidic cubic phase for serial femtosecond crystallography (LCP-SFX) further accelerates the success of the LCP method by:

  • Delivering the crystal-loaded viscous LCP directly into the XFEL beam (thereby reducing sample consumption in comparison to liquid injectors)
  • Taking advantage of the inherently small crystals grown in LCP
  • Avoiding tricky crystal mounting from LCP

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Vector Laboratories – Cy3 and Cy5 Conjugated Secondary Antibodies and Streptavidin

These fluorescent dyes generate a brighter signal and are more photostable than traditional fluorophores. Cy3 emits in the visible red spectra, and can be paired with DyLight® 488 or fluorescein (green) conjugates, for example, for double fluorescent staining. Cy5 is most optimally used with confocal microscopy, and can be used in combination with Cy3 or other contrasting fluorophores.

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Vector Laboratories - ProtOn HRP (Peroxidase) Antibody and Protein Labeling Kit

  • The ProtOn™ HRP Protein Labeling Kit is designed for simple and fast labeling of proteins with Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP)
  • The kit is ideally suited to label antibodies or other proteins
  • HRP is activated under precise conditions to generate an optimal number of reactive aldehyde groups for subsequent conjugation with amine-containing molecules via reductive amination
  • Conjugation of the HRP is accomplished through reaction with primary amine on lysine residues or terminal amino groups on target proteins to form a stable secondary amine linkage.

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